The SGIM Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting, held on September 22-23, 2023, at Columbia University’s Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, proudly announces its distinguished winners. Join us in celebrating the achievements and contributions of these outstanding individuals.

Award for Excellence in Clinician Education

Amar R. Kohli, MD, MS
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Oral Scientific Abstract Winner

Title: Medication titration responses in a remote patient monitoring program for hypertension

Presenter: Helen H. Shi
Co-Authors: A. Stark, S. Rikin

Innovation Poster Winner

Title: Integrating behavioral health services and suicide risk assessment into primary care at student-run free clinics at an urban, tertiary academic medical institution

Presenter: Daniel Hammer Vaccaro
Co-Authors: L. M. Maclay, L. Tucker, K. Cochran, A. Hassan, J. Chaparro, G. Wright, M. J. Lahiff, H. Amin, J. Gary, B. Killingsworth, M. R. Nathanson, M. Devlin

Clinical Vignette Poster Winner

Title: Nothing to “Laugh” At: Nitrous Oxide Toxicity Masquerading as Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Presenter: Jasir Nawar
Co-Authors: J. Nahar, J. Nawar, M. D. Valdes Bracamontes, R. Pinsker

Scientific Abstract Poster Winner

Title: Associations of walkability and walking among Veterans with overweight or obesity in New York City

Presenter: Gina Angelotti
Co-Authors: S. Wittleder, M. R. Jay

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