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Career Focus

SGIM strives to advance and promote the field of academic general internal medicine. SGIM members conduct cutting edge research and teach medical students, residents, and fellows how to care for adult patients as internal medicine providers across the spectrum of care centers in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Regardless of your path in general internal medicine, SGIM provides the means to build and maintain a meaningful and fulfilling career.

Clinician Educator


Clinician Investigator


Clinical Practitioner




SGIM offers members a welcoming and lifelong learning community, a road to professional advancement, and a voice for the future of healthcare.

Learn about our member benefits below!

Membership eBrochure

Membership Dues

U.S. Healthcare Professionals $495.00
U.S. Trainees $120.00
Int'l Healthcare Professionals $220.00
Int'l Trainees $120.00

Learn more about SGIM dues and membership schedule here.


Advocating for You:

We work with others to increase our impact.

  • We actively seek alliances with others --
    societies or individuals -- with whom we can
    partner to improve the quality of patient care,
    medical education, and research.
  • We believe advocacy on public policy issues
    is stronger if we collaborate with colleagues
    in other organizations.
  • We support initiatives by the government
    and foundations that promote access
    to care, education of physicians, patients
    and trainees, constructive relationships between
    doctors and their patients, and medical research.
  • We are committed to sharing our intellectual
    capital and experience with general internists
    wherever they practice.
  • We aim to increase the visibility and status
    of General Internal Medicine.

Learn more about how SGIM
advocates for you here.

Welcome to GIMLearn:

designed to create opportunities for healthcare professionals to learn and lead in your institutions and communities to improve access and outcomes for your patients. GIMLearn offerings offer quality, timely information on subjects that matter to you most

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