Who Should Be Nominated
SGIM member nominee should have an outstanding record as an investigator, educator, or both in generalism in medicine. The nominee will have demonstrated a depth of research in topics relevant to the practice of generalism in medicine. The nominee will have a long record of significant contributions to education in the field of generalism in medicine. The nominee should demonstrate leadership and general personality to include but not be limited to humanism and altruism. The nominee should demonstrate mentorship that provides for but is not limited to, generative mentorship and mentorship across varied disciplines. The nominee should demonstrate ongoing and consistent SGIM contributions.

The Robert J. Glaser Award is SGIM’s highest award and recognizes outstanding contributions to research, education, leadership, and mentoring in generalism in medicine. It is presented at the SGIM Annual Meeting as a feature of a plenary session. This award is supported by grants from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, the Commonwealth Fund, and many individual contributions.

Current Winner

Marshall Chin, MD, MPH

Headshot photo of Marshall Chin

Past Winners

2023 Neil Powe
2022 Karen Freund
2021 Michael Barry
2020 Mark Linzer
2019 Patrick O’Connor
2018 Kurt Kroenke
2017 Robert Centor
2016 Ann B. Nattinger
2015 Nicole Lurie
2014  Martin Shapiro
2013 David Bates
2012  Stephan Fihn
2011  C. Seth Landefeld
2010  William Tierney
2009  Wendy Levinson
2008  Sankey V. Williams
2007  Mack Lipkin
2006  Wishwa Kapoor
2005  Ralph Horowitz
2004  Eric Larson
2003  Thomas Delbanco
2002  Lee Goldman
2001  Robert Fletcher
2000  Harold Sox
1999  John Noble
1998  Suzanne Fletcher
1997  Sheldon Greenfield
1996  Steven Schroeder
1995  John Eisenberg
1994  Robert Brook
1993  Thomas Inui
1992  Alvin Tarlov
1991  George Engel
1990  Kerr White
1989  John Stoeckle
1988  Charles Lewis
1987  Alvan Feinstein
1986 David L. Sackett