Who Should Be Nominated
An SGIM member who has made significant contributions by conducting research has impacted how we do research, care for patients, or health policy. The Nominee should demonstrate innovative research resulting in new research methods, new research instruments, or the use of existing methods or instruments in an innovative manner. Research methodologies are inclusive and may include health services research, clinical epidemiology, clinical trials, qualitative research, or cost-effectiveness analysis. Candidates should consider the relevance of their research to general medicine, how innovative their research was in conducting their work, and the impact of their research on how research is performed or how medicine is practiced. Although not required for this award, successful candidates may also have had success as mentors, as advocates for research funding, and may have served in a position of research leadership.

The John M. Eisenberg National Award for Career Achievement in Research recognizes a senior SGIM member whose innovative research has changed how we care for patients, conduct research, or educate students. It is named for the late John M. Eisenberg because of his unique role as researcher, mentor, and Director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, where he was a strong advocate for research in general medicine. This award is supported by the SGIM Make a Difference Campaign, memorial contributions from Dr. Eisenberg’s colleagues and friends, and the Hess Foundation.

Current Winner

Bruce Landon, MD, MBA, MSc

Headshot photo of Bruce Landon

Past Winners

2023 Lisa A. Cooper
2022 Nancy L. Keating
2021 Mary M. McDermott
2020 Eve Kerr
2019 Kevin Volpp
2018 Carol M. Mangione
2017 Joann G. Elmore
2016 Lisa V. Rubenstein
2015 Nancy Rigotti
2014 Eliseo Perez-Stable
2013 Rod Hayward
2012 John Z. Ayanian
2011 Michael J. Fine
2010 David Asch
2009 Mary Tinetti
2008 David W. Bates
2007 William Tierney
2006 Harry Selker
2005 Neil Powe
2004 Richard Deyo
2003 Daniel Singer
2002 John R. Feussner
2001 John M. Eisenberg