Who Should Be Nominated
The Mid-Career Research Mentorship Award seeks nominations for mid-career clinician investigators who are either Associate Professors or within 15 years post-first faculty appointment, with allowances for career pauses, and who are SGIM members demonstrating a profound commitment to fostering research environments, mentoring junior researchers, providing career guidance, advocating for researchers’ professional growth, prioritizing mentees’ success, advancing general medicine research, and showcasing exemplary leadership and professionalism.

The Mid-Career Research Mentorship Award was established to commend the vital role that mid-career clinician investigators play in guiding junior investigators through the intricacies of research and academic growth within general medicine. This award highlights the importance of mentorship in developing a supportive environment for research and scholarship, imparting skills crucial for academic success, and advocating for the professional development of the next generation of medical researchers.

Current Winner

Nisa Maruthur, MD, MHS

Headshot photo of Nisa Maruthur

Past Winners

2023 Melanie Jay
2022 Jessica Merlin
2021 Urmimala Sarkar
2020 Geetanjali Chander
2019 Sonya Borrero
2018 Sei J. Lee
2017 Joseph Ross
2016 L. Ebony Boulware
2015 Micheal Steinman
2014 Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo
2013 Louise Walter
2012 Cary Gross
2011 Christina Wee
2010 Joshua Metlay
2009 Ralph Gonzales
2008 Marshall H. Chin
2007 Ken Covinsky
2006 Chris Callahan
2005 Carol M. Mangione
2004 David Asch

12:00 am EDT