Who Should Be Nominated
The Mid-Career Clinician-Educator Mentorship Award recognizes general medicine educators for their exceptional mentorship. Eligible candidates are SGIM members who have created a nurturing environment for teaching and scholarship; demonstrated a strong commitment to mentorship, evidenced by a successful track record; provided guidance in essential teaching skills, including curricular design, teaching methods, and assessment of learning and programs; acted as effective advocates and mentors in administrative, organizational, and professional matters for junior clinician educators; shown personal investment in their mentees, supporting both their personal and professional growth; upheld the value of teaching in general internal medicine; exhibited leadership skills and professionalism; and prioritized the professional advancement of their trainees over their self-promotion or career advancement.

The target SGIM member candidates of this award are outstanding mid-career clinician-educators actively engaged in the education and mentorship of junior or peer clinician educators. These junior or peer clinician educators may be residents, fellows, or junior faculty located locally or at a distance.

Current Winner

Laura K. Snydman, MD

Headshot Photo of Laura K Snydman

Past Winners

2023  Alia Chisty
2022  Daniella Zipkin
2021  Jennifer Corbelli
2020  Rachel Bonnema
2019  Donna Windish
2018  Carla Spagnoletti
2017  Alda M. Gonzaga
2016  Stacy Higgins
2015  Hollis Day
2014  Jada Bussey-Jones
2013  Monica Lypson
2012  Eva Marie Aagaard
2011  Vineet Arora
2010  Joseph Cofrancesco
2009  Jeff Wiese