Who Should Be Nominated
Applicants for the Lawrence Linn Grant may include SGIM members (both associates and full members), students, degree candidates, fellows, or faculty members who are early in their research careers. The grant is open to a wide variety of research projects with the potential to improve the lives and healthcare of individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Appropriate research projects might include studies on the quality of HIV/AIDS care, accessibility to healthcare services, analyses of the quality of life measures and determinants, patient perspectives on care and life experiences, the cost-effectiveness of various HIV treatments and other interventions, studies on adherence to antiretroviral therapies and evaluations of interventions to improve adherence, and a broad range of clinical epidemiological studies on HIV/AIDS, potentially focusing on aspects like disease severity, survival rates, or prognostic measures.

The Lawrence S. Linn Trust grants awards to young investigators “to study or improve the quality of life for persons with AIDS or HIV infection.” The maximum amount that will be funded is $20,000. The award, endowed by the Lawrence Linn Trust, will be recognized at SGIM’s Annual Meeting.


Current Winner

Amy Kennedy, MD

Headshot photo of Amy Kennedy

Past Winners

2023 Kira Nightingale
2022 Chanelle Diaz
2021 Benjamin T. Hayes
2019 Aroonsiri Sangarlangkarn
2018 Jules Chyten-Brennan
2017 Dana D. Hines
2016 Jonathan Ross
2015 Michael Reid
2014 Aaron Fox
2013 Joanna Starrels
2012 Oni Blackstock
2011 Anne Monroe
2010 Jennifer Edelman
2008 Philip Korthuis
2007 Monique Tello
2006 Carla Zelaya
2005 Gail Berkenblit
2004 Ahmed Bayoumi
2003 Heidi Crain
2002 Shawn Fultz & Gwen Davies
2001 Carol Golin
2000 Rebecca Ballard & Chinazo Cunningham
1999 Gary Sinclair & Molly Stenzel