Who Should Be Nominated
The ideal SGIM nominee for this award is an academic general internist who has made outstanding contributions to medical ethics at a local, regional, or national level. Nominees will be evaluated based on the quality, originality, breadth, and impact of their work in the field of medical ethics.

This award recognizes the original scholarship that SGIM members have done to advance medical ethics. It promotes and rewards outstanding contributions to the field of medical ethics, including traditional scholarship, such as the publication of research and viewpoint articles, educational materials, popular writing, oral presentations, and efforts to influence health policy. Leadership roles in medical education or within healthcare institutions and excellence in mentorship will also be considered. This award encourages members of SGIM to incorporate ethics scholarship and leadership into their work by highlighting outstanding individuals who have succeeded in these areas.

Current Winner

Daniel Sulmasy, MD, PhD

Headshot photo of Daniel Sulmasy

Past Winners

2023 Mary Catherine Beach
2022 Mark Siegler