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In this issue of SGIM Forum, LeRoi Hicks, SGIM President, and Eric Bass, SGIM CEO, share important SGIM considerations regarding organizational priorities for the coming year, with special focus in the President’s column relating to the legality of abortion in each U.S. state and that impact on future SGIM meeting plans.

Margot Cohen and colleagues write about their experiences of training residents as coaches of clerkship students during an Internal Medicine (IM) and IM-Pediatrics elective. Hussain Khawaja and co-authors describe a physician ambassador program to facilitate new faculty onboarding and retention. Medha Reddy, a third-year medical student, and her mentor offer five tips to overcoming vaccine hesitancy in minoritized populations. Stacie R. Schmidt summarizes the various ways that the healthcare industry contributes to yet can also mitigate its effects on climate change. Finally, Phillip M. Johansen, a fourth-year medical student, and co-authors offer a morning report case study and overview of the challenging diagnosis of psychogenic non-epileptic seizures.

As an always impressive breadth of scope, our general internal medicine community spans advocacy, education, leadership, research, and the intersections and blurred boundaries beyond. I hope we can periodically return to our roots in nature as one of many possible ways to rejuvenate and reenergize our numerous important initiatives and daily work.

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Featured Column

Building the Team: Residents as Clinical Coaches

Margot E. Cohen, MD, MSEd; Caitlin B. Clancy, MD, MSHP; D. Rani Nandiwada, MD, MS; Keith Hamilton, MD; Peter H. Yen, MD
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Other Articles

Physician Ambassadors: An Innovative Approach to Support Newly Hired Academic Faculty

Hussain Khawaja, MD; Sarita Warrier, MD; Rebekah Gardner, MD
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Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures: Formulating a Differential Diagnosis

Phillip M. Johansen, BS; Denis Babici, MD; Karan Rajalingam, BS; Marc A. Swerdloff, MD
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Q & A with SGIM’s CEO and President about Our Priorities for 2022-23

Eric B. Bass, MD, MPH; LeRoi S. Hicks, MD, MPH
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