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SGIM excels at diversifying educational offerings and ensures they are in keeping with contemporary issues and learning modalities. LeRoi Hicks, SGIM President, encourages us to explore various SGIM platforms for learning. Shelly-Ann Fluker and Milda Saunders, co-chairs of the SGIM 2023 Annual Meeting, share a glimpse of #SGIM23 ahead—and offer a gentle nudge on the early bird registration end date of December 1 (another date that sneaks up on us!). Each article in this issue seeks to support faculty in their routine work as growth-oriented and continuously learning professionals. For example, Greenberg, et al, describe daily teaching tips despite busy clinical demands, and Haynes, et al, suggest ways to go outside the standard learning box to challenge learners. Gielissen, et al, ask us to look inward at how we trust to become better educators. Also, when leading a division or department, one can work to systematize faculty support and development, as Ruff, et al, and Sakumoto and Dunn suggest in their articles. Eric Bass, SGIM CEO, and William Tierney, SGIM Philanthropy Committee Chair, remind us how valuable philanthropy efforts, like Forging Our Future, enable additional learning and career development programs possible for SGIM members. There is always more to do, more to teach, and more to learn. This month’s issue is loosely focused on aspects of faculty development and skill development as a clinician-educator. As a reminder for us all: Keep calm and keep on learning!

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Featured Column

If Trust Is to Be the Manner in which We Assess, We Need to Look Inward

Katherine A. Gielissen, MD, MHS-MedEd; Benjamin R. Doolittle, MD, MDIV
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Other Articles

Educating beyond Training: Structure and Tools to Support Faculty Development and Lifelong Learning

Matthew Sakumoto, MD; Andrew Dunn, MPH, MD, MACP, SFHM, FRCP
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Busy Clinicians Can Still Contribute to Medical Education

Garred Greenberg, MD; Mayce Mansour, MD 
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The 2023 SGIM Annual Meeting: Crafting a Vision for Generalist Internists to Meet the Promise of Tomorrow

Shelly-Ann Fluker, MD; Milda Saunders, MD, MPH
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Elevate Your Ambulatory Teaching: Supporting High-Performing Learners

Christine Haynes, MD, MPH; Sarah Christensen, MD; Yasmin Sacro, MD 
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The Medical Education Liaison: Improving Learner and Faculty Experiences in the Ambulatory Setting

Allison Ruff, MD, MHPE; Cornelius A. James, MD; Eve Kerr, MD, MPH 
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