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In this issue of SGIM Forum, we start with an article from our Annual Meeting Chair and Co-Chair, Drs. Song and Schmidt, who highlight the hard work of the Annual Meeting committee and many of the offerings that will be shared in Boston, #SGIM24. SGIM President Dr. Gerrity discusses the work that the Health Policy Committee does for national advocacy, while identifying the gap at state and regional levels. Dr. Gerrity then explains how SGIM and the Annual Program committee are working together to offer tools and expertise to SGIM members to address this gap within our local communities.
Dr. Holod and colleagues use the new SGIM Forum format for morning reports to walk the reader through the clinical decision making in a case of lactic acidosis and explain why an accurate history is important with patient care. Two of our SGIM trainees share their experiences with the assistance of SGIM mentors. Fourth-year medical student, Won Jong Chwa, BS, communicates his experience after the fall of a family member and educates SGIM members on fall awareness and prevention. In a similar article, third-year medical student, Tatini Mal-Sarkar, MPH, approaches the illness of a family member and the impact on trainee education and how medical schools can support trainees through this trying time.
Dr. Brown and her co-authors describe an initiative at the Cincinnati VA hospital that documents the personal stories of Veterans called My Life, My Story as an opportunity to emphasize what matters most to each Veteran in their care. Finally, SGIM CEO Dr. Bass and Philanthropy Chair Dr. Tierney thank the many contributors to SGIM fundraising efforts while describing the varied programs to which SGIM members contributed.

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Highlights of the Upcoming SGIM 2024 Annual Meeting

Zirui Song, MD, PhD; Jenny Schmidt, MD
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Other Articles

My Life, My Story: An Approach to What Matters Most

Nam-Ha Brown, MD; Elise Binder, MD, Med; Shivani K. Jindal, MD, MPH
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Medical School Support of Trainees through Family Illness: A Student’s Perspective

Tatini Mal-Sarkar, MPH; Elaine Cruz, DO
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Falls Among the Elderly: A Brief Review

Won Jong Chwa, BS; Farzana Hoque, MD, MRCP, FACP, FRCP
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Sustaining SGIM’s Forging Our Future Program and Giving Thanks to Contributors in 2023

Eric B. Bass, MD, MPH; William M. Tierney, MD
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Supporting State and Local Advocacy

Martha S. Gerrity, MD, MPH, PhD, FACP, President, SGIM
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