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This month, the SGIM Forum lead article by fourth-year medical student Cory Bhowmik describes the current state of health care in the carceral system and how SGIM members can and should be involved in education and advocacy initiatives to improve this system. We should ensure that all patients who need health care have opportunities to receive the care they need. SGIM President Dr. Bussey-Jones updates SGIM members on the evolution of her thought process as SGIM Council considers uncontested elections as a potential future for the organization. She provides the information SGIM Executive leaders obtained and how SGIM members are being involved in these discussions. SGIM CEO Dr. Bass reflects with SGIM Health Policy Chair Dr. Fischer on the priorities and successes of the Health Policy Committee over the past year. Dr. Fischer also references the presentation of the John Goodson Leadership in Health Policy Scholarship, in recognition of Dr. Goodson’s exceptional contributions to SGIM’s advocacy efforts, to the initial recipient at the 2024 Annual Meeting. The Forum editors offer two articles related to coding: in the first article, Dr. Pride and colleagues describe six underutilized billable counseling codes that can be utilized during Medicare and Medicare advantage codes to maximize billing; in the second article, Dr. Sloan and colleagues provide an in-depth review of one of these codes, G2211 and highlights when and how this code can be used via illustrative examples. The Forum anticipates that these articles will help increase revenue and capture workload for SGIM members for work that they are already doing. Finally, Dr. Whiteside and co-authors communicate their experiences in utilizing a geriatric consult experience to assist trainees in becoming better consultants and improve their geriatric learning experiences while providing comprehensive geriatric care.

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The State of Medical Care in the Carceral System

Aprotim C. Bhowmik, EdM
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Other Articles

Learning Core Geriatric Principles through Inpatient Geriatric Consults

Louisa Whitesides, MD; Tahira Lodhi, MD; Christina Prather, MD; Tania Alchalabi, MD
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The Ins and Outs of G2211: A Billing Code to Capture the Work You Are Already Doing

Caroline E. Sloan, MD, MPH; Quratulain Syed, MD; Celeste Newby, MD, PHD
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Underutilized Billable Counseling Codes for Medicare and Medicare Advantage Visits: What the General Internist Needs to Know

Walker Pride, MD; Crista Keller, MD; Scott Joy, MD, MBA, FACP; Elizabeth Parker, CPC, CRC
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Q & A with SGIM’s CEO and the Chair of SGIM’s Health Policy Committee on Advocacy Activities in 2023-24

Eric B. Bass, MD, MPH; Michael A. Fischer, MD, MS
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Embracing Uncontested Elections: An Unexpected Pathway to Increase Engagement and Diversity to Sustain SGIM

Jada Bussey-Jones, MD, FACP, President, SGIM
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