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As we begin a new year, we return to our daily work with renewed energy to continue addressing essential issues for general internists and our SGIM communities.

Monica Lypson, SGIM President, highlights key goals in SGIM’s anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, in accordance with SGIM Executive Committee’s DEI Workgroup recommendations. Eric Bass, SGIM CEO, details how we are strengthening our Society’s external relationships in alignment with our vision of a just system of care in which all people can achieve optimal health. Tiffany Leung, SGIM Forum Editor in Chief, reviews SGIM Forum’s growth in talent and diversity over the past year and a half, in keeping with overall SGIM targets.

A new addition to SGIM Forum, in collaboration with the Ethics Committee, “Ask an Ethicist” is a new department in which articles address common and important ethical questions faced by general internists. In this issue, Kyle Karches, chair of the SGIM Ethics Committee, examines a scenario in which a patient asks for a note to state that she can safely return to work after testing positive for COVID-19 one month earlier. To Ask an Ethicist, members are encouraged to contact the Ethics Committee with their questions that can be addressed in future articles.

Additionally, Maria (Gaby) Frank outlines six steps for professional development on a journey that is purposeful, attainable, successful, and also enjoyable. Mohammed Pasha shares a perspective on the challenges of securing a Visa into the US after matching internationally. Sarah Merriam and colleagues share their experiences with writing sprints as a collaborative pathway towards publishing success. Also in this issue, Hugh Silk describes the essential role of oral health in medical education. Finally, Rebecca Shafer and coauthors share their experiences of creating an obesity medicine track for internal medicine residents.

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Featured Column

Ask an Ethicist: Returning to Work after COVID-19

Kyle E. Karches, MD, MA
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Other Articles

Q & A with SGIM’s CEO on External Relations and Rallying Against Adversity

Eric B. Bass, MD, MPH
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Starting an Obesity Medicine Track for Internal Medicine Residents

Rebecca Shafer, MD; Jennifer Rajkumar, MD; Jason Ehrlich, MD; Jamie Kane, MD
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A Journey across Sealed Borders!

Mohammed Afraz Pasha, MBBS, MD
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The Six-Action Quest for Professional Development in Medicine: A Perspective and Proposal

Maria G. Frank, MD, FACP, SFHM
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