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As 2022 comes to an end, the last quarter’s SGIM Forum articles have explored various aspects of medical education that stemmed from the October theme issue on “Medical Education Innovations and Explorations” and provided vital updates from SGIM leadership on future meeting planning. As 2023 approaches, honing and nurturing our learning state of mind ensures that we are prepared to adapt to the undergraduate, graduate, and continuing educational needs of our membership. Articles in this issue are loosely focused on residency educational innovations and experiences.

McQuade, et al, offer a creative approach to case-based learning with their Pitt Puzzles series. Keyserling, et al, share lessons learned on developing a residency primary care track to foster a passion for primary care. Kearns, et al, engage residents in developing and implementing ambulatory curricula in residency on moving beyond only assessing social determinants of health for patients towards managing them as a routine part of patients care. Mansour, et al, conducted a preliminary evaluation of a residency telehealth curriculum. Additionally, the Education Committee offers readers the first of two parts of the Update in Medical Education presented during the 2022 SGIM Annual Meeting that focuses on studies that identify inequity in various domains in medical education.

Also, we remain civically engaged to tackle the most impactful issues for our patients, our learners, and for us as general internists. Importantly, this month’s President’s Column and Q&A with the SGIM CEO both follow up on specific actions and decision-making points considered by SGIM leadership in regional and national meeting planning, elaborating further in response to concerns that were introduced in last month’s issue. Early registration for the 2023 SGIM Annual Meeting is open through March 13. I look forward to seeing everyone in Aurora, CO, bringing their learning state of mind to meet the promise of tomorrow!

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Pitt Puzzles: A Clinical Reasoning Tool by Busy Residents for Busy Residents

Casey N. McQuade, MD; Rachel Wojcik, MD; Michelle Fleshner, MD; Benjamin Smith, MD; Eliana Bonifacino, MD, MS
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Rekindling Connection and Passion for Primary Care: An Annual Workshop for Primary Care Track Residents

Kaleb Keyserling, MD; Alice Kehaya, MD; Chris Terndrup, MD; Katie Iossi, MD, MPH
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Teaching Video Visit Skills to Internal Medicine Residents: A Brief Curricular Intervention

Mayce Mansour, MD; Kenneth M. Fifer, MD; Mary Fishman, MD; Andrew Coyle, MD
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