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Academic Hospitalists Commission

 The SGIM Academic Hospitalist Commission (AHC) is the professional home for academic hospitalists dedicated to promoting scholarly activity and career development in education, research, patient care and leadership.

Projects & Initiatives

Annual Academic Hospitalist Academy (AHA)
Since 2009, the SGIM AHC has proudly collaborated with SHM and ACLGIM in presenting the Annual Academic Hospitalist Academy (AHA). The goal of the AHA is to support the career development of junior academic hospitalists as educational leaders in their institutions.

Distinguished Professor of Hospital Medicine  

Each year since 2016, SGIM has sponsored a Distinguished Professor of Hospital Medicine Program (DPHM) at its annual meeting. Invited professors are nationally recognized in the field of Hospital Medicine; past Distinguished Professors have shared their expertise in medical education, health services research, and hospital medicine outcomes research with members of SGIM at the National Meeting through a plenary address and a moderated oral abstract session.  The intent of the DPHM program is to facilitates career development of SGIM members in the fields of hospital and general internal medicine in terms of education, research, and clinical practice. Click here to see a list of the past Distinguished Professors of Hospital Medicine.

The i-HOPE study                                                                                             “Millions of Americans are hospitalized each year. For many people, complications arise in the hospital, or they experience confusion related to what they should do after they are discharged. While research has attempted to address these issues, patients and other healthcare stakeholders have not had a clear voice in saying what issues are most important from their perspectives, and what research is the highest priority. Hospitalist researchers who are involved in the Society of Hospital Medicine have worked with patients from local patient and family advisory councils to develop a proposal to allow patients’, families’, and stakeholders’ voices (including the Society of General Internal Medicine Academic Hospitalist Commission) to be heard.”

Housestaff Oversight Project 
Examines ways in which hospital medicine programs are responding to new ACGME requirements for resident supervision.

Jobs of Academic Hospitalists, Clinicians, and Teachers in University Programs (JACT-UP) Project
Aims to clarify the roles of clinical and academic hospitalists and to understand similarities or differences between them.

A subgroup of the Academic Hospitalist Commission sought to identify features of successful academic hospitalist programs in the SCHOLAR (SuCcessful HOspitaLists in academics and research) Project. Results published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine demonstrate that despite the relative maturity and size of successful academic hospitalist programs included in the study, relatively few were comprised of senior faculty and the amount of funded research varied widely.
Seymann GB, Southern W, Burger A, Brotman DJ, Chakraborti C, Harrison R, Parekh V, Sharpe BA, Pile J, Hunt D, Leykum LK.Features of successful academic hospitalist programs: Insights from the SCHOLAR (SuCcessful HOspitaLists in academics and research) project. J Hosp Med. 2016 Oct;11(10):708-713. doi: 10.1002/jhm.2603. Epub 2016 May 18.


Resources for Academic Hospitalists

Click below for a listing of resources for academic hospitalists in all stages of their career:



If you have questions regarding the work of the Academic Hospitalists Commission, please contact Erika Baker, SGIM Staff Liaison, at or 202.887-5150.  

Sarah Hartigan, M.D.
Chair, Academic Hospitalists Commission
VCU Health
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Elizabeth Murphy, M.D.
Co-chair, Academic Hospitalists Commission
University of Chicago Medical Center
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Vineet Chopra, MD, MSc
Council Liaison
University of Michigan Medical School
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Resources for Academic Hospitalists

Click below for a listing of resources for academic hospitalists in all stages of their career: