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Special Projects

SGIM members actively pursue a broad range of projects through Society committee work, on special grant projects, and individually.  The products and lessons learned from these activities can be found throughout the SGIM web site by committees, by topic and in our resource library. 

EBM Bottom Line Summaries

The Evidence Based Medicine Task Force has created a series of Bottom Line evidence summaries - single page tools distilling current, high impact research findings for health care providers. Each summary presents the key information about the potential benefits and harms of a test or treatment along with a clinical “bottom line” recommendation. Numeric data is presented in graphics, based on current best practices for risk communication.  The summaries are designed to foster clearer and more accurate communication between patients and their doctors, while enhancing patient understanding and satisfaction.

Patient Centered Outcomes Research

SGIM has completed a two-year program to assess the knowledge and perspectives of Patient Centered Outcomes Research by our clinician and clinician-educator members, as well as by patient and family advocates, and to engage their interest and participation in PCOR opportunities.  This program has centered around presentations at the SGIM 2015 Annual Meeting in Toronto and the 2016 Annual Meeting in Hollywood, Florida, where both physicians and patients addressed issues around clinical trials, patient engagement, connecting to research information through PCORnet, disparities, and healthcare systems and practices that support broader participation in PCOR. We also conducted an assessment survey for both physicians and patients to identify key factors in successful engagement in PCOR. 

An online resource toolkit was compiled to provide resources on speakers, materials and suggestions for physicians, educators and researchers to use in their PCOR activities. 

Women in Medicine