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Research eConsults

We are pleased to introduce research eConsults for SGIM members!

Research eConsults are 30 minute consults on a question related to your research or a research method that cannot be answered by a quick web search or by a colleague at your institution. This service is provided to SGIM members by SGIM members.

The goal of research eConsults is to help SGIM members connect with each other when they need specific guidance on research related topics.

Questions should be specific and focused (e.g., “What is your experience with using the National Death Index?”  “What are common mistakes made my new investigators when analyzing x dataset?”). Please also let us know if there is a specific SGIM member with whom you would like to be connected. Below are methods and topic areas where our members have expertise.

1. Clinical epidemiology
2. Clinical trial design
3. Community based participatory research
4. Comparative effectiveness research
5. Electronic medical record data
6. Health outcomes research
7. Health policy research                                                            8. Implementation science
9. Large database analyses
10. Measurement
11. Meta-analysis
12. Mixed methods
13. Patient-reported outcomes research
14. Patient safety
15. Predictive modeling
16. Qualitative research
17. Quality improvement
18. Survey development
19. Systematic reviews
20. VA data

Research Content areas:
1. Aging
2. Biomarker discovery and validation
3. Cancer (e.g., breast, colon, prostate)
4. Cardiovascular disease
5. Cognitive health and assessment
6. Diabetes
7. Diagnostic testing
8. Ethics
9. Errors
10. Evidence-based medicine
11. Functional assessment
12. Geriatrics
13. Health behaviors (e.g, tobacco, alcohol, physical activity, diet)
14. Health disparities
15. Health literacy
16. Health-related quality of life                                                                            17. Hepatitis C
18. HIV
19. Homelessness
20. Hospital readmission
21. Incarceration
22. Infectious diseases
23. Kidney disease
24. Language barriers
25. Medical education research
26. Mental illness and mental health
27. Multimorbidity
28. Nursing home research
29. Obesity
30. Palliative care
31. Patient-physician communication
32. Screening
33. Shared decision making
34. Social determinants of health
35. Substance abuse
36. Women’s health

Prepared by:
Mara A. Schonberg, MD, MPH
Melissa Y. Wei, MD, MPH, MS

To submit a request,


Please allow up to 2-3 business days for a committee member to respond to your inquiry.

To check on the status of a request, send an email to

Note: It may take several weeks to connect you with an expert.

Research Committee Staff Liaison: 
Erika Baker