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HERMITAGE - HIV Pos. Alcohol Users in USA and Russia


     HERMITAGE - HIV+ Alcohol Users in USA and Russia

Type of study

    Randomized controlled trial

Sample Size

    700 HIV-infected individuals who reported recent risky drinking and unprotected sex.

Geographic Location of Sample Subjects

    St. Petersburg, Russia

Rationale for study

    The RCT tested the effectiveness of a US secondary HIV prevention intervention.

Overview of data

    The intervention was culturally adapted and modified to address substance use and associated risk behaviors. Subjects were randomized to an adapted Healthy Relationships Intervention (HRI) or attention-control support groups. Subjects participating in the HRI attended 3, 90-minute structured group sessions in addition to 2, 30-60 minute individualized sessions. Subjects participating in the attention-control group were exposed to general health groups during the same timeframe. Subjects were assessed via face-face interview at baseline, 6, and 12-months post- randomization. Primary outcomes are HIV sex- and drug risk behaviors, sexually transmitted diseases, and alcohol consumption. Research data include the following self report data: Demographics, HIV testing & HCV Diagnosis, ART Medication History, Sex Practices, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV Stigma, HIV Disclosure, Trauma, HIV Risk, Depression, CIDI SF: Alcohol and Drug Dependence, Alcohol Use (30 day TLFB), Drug Use, Involvement with Police, Overdose, Suicide, Social Support, Sensation Seeking / Risk Taking, and quality of life. Laboratory testing was done to assess for sexually transmitted diseases. A chart review was conducted to collect current ART, CD4 cell count, and HIV viral load. Select baseline characteristics: 41% female, 30 years (mean age), median CD4 cell count 413, 13% with any STI, 81% risky drinking (past 30 days), 62% drug dependent, 82% lifetime heroin use, 88% unprotected sex (past 3 months), 18% involved in sex trade.