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Cardiovascular Health Study


    Cardiovascular Health Study (public access, limited through LADS)

Years of Data Collection


Sample Size


Geographic Location of Sample Subjects

    Sacramento, CA; Pittsburgh, PA; Hagerstown, MD; Winston-Salem, NC

Rationale for study

    To understand the interrelationships of risk factors and subclinical vascular disease on clinical cardiovascular and other diseases of older adults

Overview of data

     Participants underwent detailed clinic visits yearly for the first 10 years of the study, with various risk factors, functional tests, measures of subclinical and microvascular disease and a host of circulating biomarkers measured at each year. Participants have undergone adjudicated ascertainment of cardiovascular events and mortality since then.

Process for obtaining data

     A limited access dataset can be obtained from NHLBI with IRB approval and a data distribution agreement. More updated data, and some ancillary data not available in the limited access data including genetics, are available through the CHS Coordinating Center in collaboration with a CHS investigator.

Website/publications/other links 

  Goals in sharing this data

     I would love to see CHS used to its fullest potential whether as a mentor or collaborator; CHS also has a number of active working groups that junior researchers can join.


    geriatrics, cardiovascular disease, risk factors