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    Randomized Trial of Achieving Healthy Lifestyles in Psychiatric Rehabilitation (ACHIEVE Trial)

Type of Study

    Randomized controlled trial

Years of Data Collection


Sample Size


Geographic Location of Sample Subjects

    Sample represents both rural and urban demographics within approximately one hour from Baltimore, MD

Rationale for study

    The goal of this randomized clinical trial is to determine the effectiveness of an 18-month behavioral weight loss intervention among persons with serious mental illness that attend psychiatric rehabilitation programs

Overview of data

• baseline, 6, 18 months. Physical measurements: body weight, waist circumference, blood pressure Cardiovascular fitness - cycle ergometry Laboratory testing: Basic Chemistry panel, Lipid panel, CRP, and Insulin Sensitivity Medications RBANS
• (Cognitive) Demographics Medical History Basis 24 Weight Loss History Food Preparation and Shopping IPAQ General Self Efficacy Scale Weight Efficacy Lifestyle Pa-Barse (Physical Activity) Social Support MOS Social Support and Eating Habits Social Support and Exercise
• SF-12 Health Survey
• Impact of Weight on Quality of Life
• Neighborhood Questionnaire
• Life Space Questionnaire
• Block Dietary Fat
• Block dietary Fruit/ Vegetable/ Fiber
• QEWP-R (Binge Eating)
• CES-D (Depression Screening)
• Euroquol
• Pittsburgh Sleep Questionnaire

Process for obtaining data

    Data Use Agreement required. Will need approval from PI. Trial is ongoing, so time will be needed for data to be available

Website/publications/other links

(1) Casagrande, S.; Anderson, C; Appel, L.; Dalcin; Jerome, G; Gennusa J; Gayles, D; Feng, X; and Daumit, G. Dietary Intake of Adults with Severe Mental Illness at High Risk for Cardiovascular Disease. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal (forthcoming); (2) Casagrande, SS ;Jerome, GJ; Dalcin, AT; Dickerson, FB; Anderson, CA; Appel, LJ; Charleston, J; Crum, RM; Young, DR; Guallar, E; Frick, KD; Goldberg, RW; Oefinger, M; Finkelstein, J; Gennusa, JV; Fred-Omojole, O; Campbell, LM; Wang ; and Daumit, GL. Randomized Trial of Achieving Healthy Lifestyles in Psychiatric Rehabilitation: The ACHIEVE Trial. BioMed Central Psychiatry, 2010.10:108.

Goals in sharing this data

    To collaborate with others around improving health for persons with mental illness


    mental illness, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obesity, weight loss