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Ask An Ethicist

To fulfill its mission of supporting internists in the ethical practice of medicine through education in clinical, organizational, and research ethics and professionalism, the Ethics Committee provides the opportunity to ask for assistance in appraising ethical issues. While we cannot provide clinical ethics consultation—or legal advice, we may be able to assist SGIM members in clarifying ethical issues involved in a particular case or situation and help members identify the appropriate resources for obtaining additional assistance.  Members of the SGIM Ethics Committee have volunteered to provide this assistance, so we cannot commit to responding to time-sensitive inquiries, particularly those with very short timelines.

Please provide the following information:

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Phone (and best time to call)
  • Preferred means of contact:
  • Type of ethics inquiry: Clinical/Research/Institutional/other
  • Describe the situation which has prompted your inquiry, especially focusing on your concerns—please do not include any protected health information (PHI) which might identify an individual patient.

Please send your inquiry to Lubna Khawaja, Zack Berger, Maura George.

Feel free to reach out to Erika Baker if you do not receive an acknowledgment and/or response in a reasonably timely fashion.