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SGIM Committees

_0130web.jpgSGIM could not exist without the efforts of committees and their members.  Committees are permanent bodies, reporting to Council to do work fundamental to fulfilling the core mission of the Society. The following resource committees are part of the basic SGIM infrastructure and are integral to its success.  Click on the appropriate contact information if you would like additional information or wish to join one of these committees.

Finance Committee

Contact: Leslie Dunne, SGIM Staff 
Develops policies, budgets, and recommendations to the Council pertaining to SGIM's financial affairs.

Development Committee

Contact: Leslie Dunne, SGIM Staff 
Supports the mission, goals, and programs of the Society by identifying and securing multiple sources of monetary and non-monetary support. In keeping with the established values and traditions of SGIM, the Committee will develop both an organizational structure for effective fundraising and key partnerships in support of the Society.

Awards Committee

Contact: Erika Baker

The Awards Committee is responsible for the oversight of all SGIM awards and grants programs.

Membership Committee

Contact:  Muna Futur, SGIM Staff
Identifies and measures members' needs, priorities, satisfaction with the Society, and viewpoints, and works with other leaders to develop and implement plans accordingly; collaborates with Council and other work groups to devise strategies for attracting and retaining members.

Ethics Committee

Contact: Erika Baker, SGIM Staff
The Ethics Committee supports the mission of SGIM by promoting the ethical practice of general internal medicine, addressing ethical issues in clinical practice, research and health policy, and relieving moral distress caused by conflicts about such issues.