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Ultrasound Guided LPs (Irene Ma)
Viral Pneumonias and ARDS(Mike Wagner)
POCUS Exam for Routine Use (Mike Wagner)
WA-ACP POCUS Pearls/Pitfalls (Kang Zhang)
NephroPOCUS – Nephrology oriented point of care ultrasonography (Abhilash Koratala)
IMBUS - Advanced Curriculum (David Tierrney)
MSK Ultrasound for all views of all joints with images and videos (European Alliance of Associations of Rheumatology)


This video series will provide short lectures on POCUS topics relevant to the generalist, created and peer reviewed by IMPOCUS experts in the SGIM community.

LV Function 

Learn from Dr. Chris Smith about using POCUS to assess Left Ventricular Function and some of the evidence surrounding its use!

Learn from Dr. Tom Robertson about using POCUS to assess for Lower Extremity Deep Vein Thrombosis and some of the evidence surrounding its use!

Learn from Dr. Kang Zhang about using POCUS to assess the Gallbladder for Gallstones and some of the evidence surrounding its use!

Learn from Dr. Mikhail Akbashev about using POCUS to assess for Renal and Bladder Pathology and some of the evidence surrounding its use!

Pleural Effusion
Learn from Dr. Peter Phan about using POCUS to assess for Pleural Effusion and some of the evidence surrounding its use!

Perspectives Series

While evidence is important, we shouldn’t ignore our experience. This expanding video series will be where IMPOCUS experts in the SGIM community share their experiences that have shaped their perspectives and share specific pearls and general advice on overcoming common challenges associated with practicing POCUS in a variety of clinical settings.

Chris Smith

Dr. Chris Smith shares his perspective on using POCUS as an academic hospitalist in the midwest and some of the key elements for building a successful POCUS program from scratch.

Tom Robertson
Dr. Tom Robertson shares his tips for learning POCUS as a resident and as faculty working with your institution to acquire devices and build infrastructure for the inpatient and outpatient setting .

Gigi Liu 1
Dr. Gigi Liu discusses her POCUS transition from focused proceduralist to scoping diagnostician and how she faced the many challenges of a practicing internists wanting to go beyond the basics and attain POCUS mastery.

Gigi Liu 2
Dr. Gigi Liu touches on her interest in blending POCUS with traditional physical exam instruction and some useful technology aides for use during the covid 19 pandemic.

 Dr. Mike Wagner describes a structured approach to learning and teaching core POCUS applications relevant to the generalist and tips on overcoming common barriers.


Soni’s POCUS on Point of Care Ultrasound

POCUS Solely for Primary Care

Combined Physical Exam/POCUS Secrets Series

Physical Diagnosis Secrets

Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound

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