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Strategy to Reduce Firearm-Related Injury and Death

Powell, R.E., Sacks, C.A. A National Research Strategy to Reduce Firearm-Related Injury and Death: Recommendations from the Health Policy Research Subcommittee of the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM). J GEN INTERN MED 35, 2182–2185 (2020).

SGIM Statement on Reproductive Rights

Consistent with its mission, SGIM opposes limits on access to reproductive health care and commits to promoting training, research, and clinical innovation in reproductive health within the general internal medicine community.

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SGIM White Paper on E&M Service Codes 

"The case for the redefinition and revaluation of the outpatient Evaluation and Management (E&M) service codes and the development of new documentation expectations"

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SGIM Policy, Paper On Reforming Graduate Medicine Education Funding 

The recommendations address workforce analysis, funding mechanisms, transparency, competency-based curriculum accountability, right-sizing the distribution of physician specialties, and educational innovation.  The policy paper was recently published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

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