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Health Policy Committee

Goals of the Health Policy Committee

1. Advocate for three major areas:

  • Fair and equitable Medicare reimbursement policies
  • Adequate funding for health professions training
  • Support for health services research

2. Develop a learning collaborative of teachers of health policy to share curricula, resources, learning objectives, evaluation tools and other educational strategies

3. Continue to nominate SGIM members for representation on advocacy-related boards and commissions and for commissions at other agencies and organizations.

4. Educate the SGIM membership through monthly columns in Forum, advocacy alerts, JGIM articles, HealthPolicy eNews, policy briefs and other education materials. 

Education Subcommittee


The Education Subcommittee is dedicated to advocacy in three major areas: (1) Pre-doctoral Education, Residency Training and Faculty Development in Primary Care Medicine, including the overall governance and financing of the federal government’s graduate medical education system, (2) Diversity of the Health Professions, and (3) Interdisciplinary and Rural Health Professions Education. These three areas are embodied in federal legislation that is included in the Title VII Health Professions legislation, commonly known as "Title VII". Anyone with an interest or dedication to educating health professionals or with an interest in promoting access for disadvantaged, underserved and vulnerable populations would be welcome to join the Education Subcommittee. Their work includes innovative areas such as professionalism, human rights, health literacy, patient safety and quality improvements as well as recruiting a more diverse health professions workforce, and educating professionals to eliminate health disparities in the 21st century. 

Research Subcommittee


Clinical Practice Subcommittee


Meredith Niess - web.jpg

Meredith A. Niess, MPH, MD
Chair, Education Subcommittee
Yale University School of Medicine
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Nancy Keating 

Nancy L. Keating, MD
Chair, Research Subcommittee
Harvard Medical School
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Jennifer Bracey, MD
Chair, Clinical Practice Subcommittee
Medical University of South Carolina
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