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Health Policy Committee

Goals of the Health Policy Committee

1. Advocate for three major areas:

  • Fair and equitable Medicare reimbursement policies
  • Adequate funding for health professions training
  • Support for health services research

2. Develop a learning collaborative of teachers of health policy to share curricula, resources, learning objectives, evaluation tools and other educational strategies

3. Continue to nominate SGIM members for representation on advocacy-related boards and commissions and for commissions at other agencies and organizations.

4. Educate the SGIM membership through monthly columns in Forum, advocacy alerts, JGIM articles, HealthPolicy eNews, policy briefs and other education materials. 

Education Subcommittee


The HPC Education Subcommittee focuses on the overlap of health and education policy and advocacy. From a federal policy standpoint, this involves staying abreast of, and partnering with CRD Associates to advocate for, federal policy consistent with the mission and values of SGIM in undergraduate and graduate level medication education. This includes advocating for ongoing and sufficient federal funding for Title VII programs, raising awareness of and protecting the role of the VA in medical education, and advocating that the overall governance and financing of the federal government’s graduate medical education system has accountability, and reflects health workforce needs. Through these areas of advocacy, we seek to promote a diverse workforce which improves quality and access to care for underserved and vulnerable populations through a sustainable medical education infrastructure. In addition to federal advocacy, the subcommittee offers support for the LEAHP program, helps to maintain the Health Policy and Advocacy Curriculum, and educates the SGIM membership and general internists on advocacy and health education policy through SGIM forum articles and white papers.

Research Subcommittee


Clinical Practice Subcommittee


Daniella Zipkin, MD
Chair, Education Subcommittee
Duke Department of Medicine
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Peter Cram, MBA, MD
Chair, Research Subcommittee
UTMB School of Medicine
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Anders Chen, MD
Chair, Clinical Practice Subcommittee
University of Washington School of Medicine
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