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Career Advising Program

women-mentoring.jpgThe Women & Medicine Commission’s Career Advising Program (CAP) is a longitudinal sponsorship initiative to help female junior faculty successfully navigate the academic promotion process.  By connecting these members with senior “Career Advisors” throughout SGIM (i.e., Associate or Full Professors), we hope to foster academic advancement of women in medicine.  Advising focuses on CV preparation, targeted committee membership, and strategies for relationship-building with external promotion letter writers.  

Target Advisors:   Male or female Associate or Full Professors with an interest in the advancement of women in medicine
Target Advisees:  Female Assistant Professors, Instructors, Fellows, or Residents who are interested in academic promotion

Required commitment is two years with at least bi-annual contact between Advisors and Advisees via email, phone, or in-person.  SGIM membership must be maintained by the advisee during the duration of the program. Additionally, the expectation is that Advisor-Advisees will meet face-to-face at least one time during these two years.  Accordingly, the Women & Medicine Commission hosts a reception for all CAP participants every year at SGIM’s Annual Meeting.

Exciting News! We are adjusting the program for the incoming cohort to increase our program capacity and improve both advisor and advisee experience. These changes include:

  1. Increase the number of CAP relationships by using a group sponsorship model (two advisees to one advisor). We hope this will build relationships among the advisees and advisor.
  2. Add webinar training for advisors to enhance understanding and comfort with group sponsorship model.
  3. Encourage the advisees to maintain their relationship with their advisor and co-advisee through regular email and phone contact. It is the responsibility of the advisees to maintain this relationship.
  4. Support advisors through regular (2-3 times a year) follow-up to see how the advisor/advisees relationships is progressing.

The CAP Chair and a member of the CAP Subcommittee match Advisor-Advisees based on application information. 

Alia Chisty, MD
Penn State Hershey Medical Center

Mia F. Williams, MD MS
Co-Chair, WAMC CAP
University of California, San Francisco

Megan McNamara, MD                         Past Chair, WAMC CAP  
Louis Stokes Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Cleveland VA

The 2022-2024 CAP application period will open in late January 2022

Please check here or follow SGIM e-news for additional information.


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