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Mary O’Flaherty Horn Scholars in
General Internal Medicine Program

To promote scholarship, advocacy, and creativity in the balance of work, family, and social responsibility

Program Description


The Mary O’Flaherty Horn Scholars in General Internal Medicine (a.k.a. Horn Scholars Program) is a program of the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM). It is a three-year career development award for outstanding junior medical school faculty in general internal medicine. The Horn Scholars Program is intended to foster a new career track for physicians centering on successful balance of career, family, and social responsibilities. The Program will provide new academic role models, promote diversity, and strengthen generalist physician faculty in the nation’s medical schools and accredited internal medicine residency programs.

Three-year grants of $30,000 per year will be made to sponsoring institutions to support the Scholar and the Scholar’s work. The sponsoring institution must agree to at least match the award. Scholars must be dedicated to working half of a full time academic position as a clinician educator in general internal medicine (approximately 2.5 days/week or 20 to 25 hours) and spend the "other half" attending to dependents’ needs. The Scholar’s patient care responsibilities should include serving the medically underserved and direct patient care should comprise no more than 2 half-day clinic sessions per week.


The professional environment in which General Internists must thrive is a difficult place for anyone with its culture of individual achievement, tough competition, and traditions of unlimited dedication to work. Physicians who are also responsible for the care of others at home have a particularly difficult time. Conflict is created by a lack of flexible work options to improve the work-family balance. The Horn Scholars Program is intended both to support a flexible part-time option for career development in academic general internal medicine, and to advance scholarship on balancing work and family.
The ethic of caring for those who need it most regardless of their financial status is quickly vanishing. Increasing financial pressures on academic medical centers challenge our professional responsibility to care for the underserved. A whole generation of doctors may learn little about medicine’s role in healing the torn fabric of society. This trend will only gain strength unless we actively intervene. The Horn Scholars Program will highlight role models who integrate their social responsibilities into their daily work.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicant Requirements

  • A Board Certified General Internist who is a U.S. member of SGIM
  • A clinician educator who desires to work in half of a full-time academic position (equivalent to 2.5 days/week or 20-25 hours/week)
  • A physician who has one or more dependents requiring care and desires to devote 50% of energy and time to this care
  • Commitment to care for the medically underserved
  • An academic appointment in a division of general internal medicine and/or department of medicine in an accredited U.S. allopathic medical school or internal medicine residency program in an institution affiliated with a medical school
  • Identify 2 mentors committed to their success in academic medicine

Sponsor Requirements

  • Will match the cost of at least a quarter of a full-time faculty (FTE) for three years
  • A benefits package and clinical and academic responsibilities that are appropriately adjusted for half-time status (equivalent to 2.5 days/week or 20 to 25 hours/week), including no more than 6 to 8 hours/week of scheduled direct patient care
  • A favorable environment for his/her academic development and promotion
  • Commitment to support the individual in at least half-time status after the tenure of the award for at least 3 additional years

Use of Grant Funds

Grant funds may be used for the Faculty Scholar’s salary, benefits, research assistance, travel, continuing education, and other direct expenses essential to carry out the Horn Scholar’s chosen scholarly activity. Grants are made to sponsoring institutions.

SGIM must be informed of any meaningful change in the job description of individuals appointed as Scholars at any time during the three-year award period, whether this occurs within the same institution or in a different location. The Horn Scholars Program was created to foster young faculty members in academic careers. To that end, the Program will encourage re-application of Scholars who find it necessary to make career changes during the three-year period of anticipated support. However, in the event of a change in the job description of a Scholar, continuation of support by the Horn Scholars Program will be contingent upon review and approval by the Horn Scholars Selection Committee.

Grantees, their sponsoring institution, and their primary mentor must meet SGIM’s requirements for the submission of annual financial and narrative reports. A final written report is due on June 30th of each funding year. The written report should communicate progress, successes, and challenges of the year prior. Additioanlly, grantees will be required to make information available that may be necessary for an overall evaluation of the program to be conducted by SGIM. Horn Scholars are expected to participate in the Balance Interest Group at the SGIM Annual Meeting. 

Documents Necessary for this Award:

  1. Nomination Letter
  2. Research Proposal
  3. Budget and Justification
  4. Letter of Support (Three are Needed) 
  5. Other Supporting Documents (Optional) 
  6. Nominee's CV


If you have questions about the Horn Scholars program, please contact Erika Baker at or 202.887.5150. 

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Past Recipients

Abigail Lenhart 2016
Jessica Campbell  2013
Rachel Levine  2007
Rebecca A. Harrison 2004
Chinazo Cunningham 1999