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Scholarship in Medical Education Award

This award brings greater attention to the many types of original work that SGIM members have performed to improve medical education on a national level.

    This award is intended to promote several types of scholarship in medical education. Scholarship has historically been judged by publication of original research; for this award additional evidence of scholarship might include books, chapters, review articles, grant funding in education, teaching videos, computer or internet-based materials, popular writing, and/or oral presentations.

    Categories of scholarship include:

    1. Scholarship of integration (e.g., synthesis and analysis of a body of knowledge)
    2. Scholarship in educational methods and teaching (e.g., descriptions of new educational programs, educational methods, patient education programs)
    3. Scholarship in clinical practice (e.g., descriptions of methods to improve clinical practice, practice organization, and/or practice outcomes.

    Leadership roles in courses and clerkships, evidence of recognition for outstanding teaching, and role-modeling are additional factors that may be sited to support scholarship.

    Who Should be Nominated?

    • Must be members or associate members of SGIM
    • Will be in the early or middle phases of their careers (i.e., trainees, instructors, assistant professors, and associate professors)
    • Will be judged by the originality, quality, and generalizability of their work

    Greater merit will be attached to contributions that are indicative of an evolving body of work by the nominated clinician educator and those projects that have been disseminated beyond the nominee’s home institution.

    What do I Need to Nominate?

    • One or two page letter of recommendation from the nominee's supervisor or mentor, that should include a description of the nominee's role in one of the above three types of scholarship
    • One or two best examples of the nominee’s work (e.g., presentation materials, syllabus, manuscript, book chapter, videotape, computer software, or summary of evaluations from trainees)
    • Current copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae.

    Ready to Nominate? 

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    Important Dates 

    October 12

    Award nominations open

    December 17

    Award nominations close

    February 22

    All award recipients are notified  

    May 8-11, 2019

    Award presentations and acknowledgements at the 2019 SGIM Annual Meeting

    Past Recipients

    2018  Colleen C. Gillespie
    2017  Abby L. Spencer
    2016 Jed D. Gonzalo
    2015  Carla Spagnoletti 
    2014  Jeannette Guerrasio 
    2013  Reena Karani
    2012     Lisa Willett
    2011  Preetha Basaviah 
    2010  Jeanne M. Farnan
    2009  Kathlyn E. Fletcher
    2008  Adina Kalet
    2008  Darcy A. Reed 
    2008  Joseph A. Carrese 
    2007  Diane Wayne
    2007  Paul M. Haidet 
    2007 Barry Issenberg  
    2006  Scott D. Stern
    2006  Sondra Zabar 
    2006  Charles C. Smith 
    2005  Auguste H. Fortin 
    2005  John A. Flynn 
    2005  Stephen D. Sisson 
    2004  Janet B. Henrich 
    2004  Gerald Smetana
    2004  Gary Ferenchick
    2003  Steven R. Simon 
    2002  Nancy Rigotti
    2002 Eric S. Holmboe 
    2002  Wit Educational Initiative 
    2001  Deborah Burnet
    2000  Chad D. Kollas
    2000  Robert Golub 
    2000  Raymond O. Powrie 
    1999  Linda Pinsky 
    1999  Scott Wright
    1998  Paul L. Fine 
    1998  Mitchell Feldman 
    1998 Halina Brukner