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Mid-Career Research Mentorship Award

This award is intended to recognize the mentoring activities of general medicine investigators.

Who Should be Nominated?

Mentees are encouraged to submit nominations!

The target candidates are outstanding mid-career clinician investigators who are actively engaged in research and mentorship of junior investigators. These junior investigators may be undergraduates, medical students, residents, fellows or junior faculty. Junior Investigators may be local or at a distance.

 Applicants should be at the level of Associate Professor or within 15 years of their first faculty appointment, meeting either criterion would be acceptable. An interruption in career progression due to family, military, or other personal circumstances might justify eligibility for candidates with more than 15 years since their first faculty appointment

To be eligible to receive the award, nominees must be SGIM Members.

Persons submitting a nomination for the award should use the following nominee criteria for guidance:

  • Developed a supportive environment for research and scholarship
  • Demonstrated a commitment to mentorship and established a track record for successful mentorship
  • Provides instruction on research skills such as preparing presentations, writing manuscripts, and preparing grant applications
  • Is a successful advocate and guide in administrative, organizational, and professional matters for junior investigators
  • Demonstrates personal concern for his/her mentees and supports both his/her personal and professional development
  • Values general medicine research
  • Demonstrates leadership skills and professionalism
  • Places an equal or greater emphasis on the professional development of his/her trainees than on self-promotion or advancement

What do I Need to Nominate?

  • Nominee must be a SGIM member. 
  • Two formal nomination letters, one of which must be from a current or prior mentee, two single-spaced pages or less, stating why this person should receive the SGIM Research Mentorship Award.
  • One additional supporting letter may be submitted.
  • A current copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae
  • A list of current and prior mentees, their current positions, and their accomplishments. 

Melanie Jay, MD, MS

2023 Mid-Career Research Mentorship Award Winner 

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Important Dates 

October 6, 2023

Award nominations open

January 12, 2024

Award nominations close

March 13, 2024

All award recipients are notified  

May 15-18, 2024

Award presentations and acknowledgements at the 2024 SGIM Annual Meeting in Boston, MA

Past Recipients

2023 Melanie Jay
2022 Jessica Merlin
2021 Urmimala Sarkar
2020 Geetanjali Chander
2019 Sonya Borrero
2018 Sei J. Lee
2017 Joseph Ross
2016 L. Ebony Boulware
2015  Micheal Steinman 
2014  Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo
2013  Louise Walter
2012     Cary Gross 
2011  Christina Wee 
2010  Joshua Metlay 
2009  Ralph Gonzales 
2008  Marshall H. Chin 
2007  Ken Covinsky 
2006  Chris Callahan 
2005  Carol M. Mangione 
2004  David Asch