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Quality and Practice Innovation Award

The goal of the award is to promote innovation and quality improvement in general medical and primary care practice design and management through recognition of role model practices.

The award will recognize leaders of practice innovations, outpatient (primary care) OR inpatient settings, who have improved care within the “quality” domains of safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, timeliness, efficiency, and equality.

The award will recognize teams (composed of general internists and members of their organization) that have successfully developed and implemented innovative systems of practice improvement in ambulatory and/or inpatient clinical practice. 

Who Should be Nominated?

Outpatient or Inpatient Teams (must include one SGIM or ACLGIM member on the team). This can include

  1. Group practices
  2. Hospital departments, units, or divisions
  3. Medical schools
  4. Health centers that are principally primary care or general medical AND have one or more SGIM members in practice management leadership roles, are eligible to apply.

Resident teaching in the practice is not required, but evidence of ongoing professional and organizational learning is important.

SGIM members involved in the judging of this award or other SGIM innovation, quality or safety awards are not eligible during the award year.

What Do I Need to Apply?

The following documents are needed:

  1. Practice Background (e.g., setting, patient population, systems of care delivery (e.g., electronic health records)
  2. Objectives of projects and stated goals
  3. Impact of innovation on reported outcomes/data demonstrating outcomes improvement
  4. Impact of innovation on future teaching /education of colleagues, staff, and/or trainees
  5. Other Supporting Documents
  6. A current copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae

Applicants will be judged on how they have

  1. Implemented practice redesign to improve key performance issues in their organization and how the concepts of innovative management have been taught to residents, students or colleagues.
  2. Applied practice innovation to measurably and sustainably improve care in one or more domains of importance to their organization.

Judging and Selection Committee

Judging will assess each application's use of innovation, systematic deployment, and performance measurement in pursuit of their organizational goals, and how this will allow them to serve as a role model for other organizations. The SGIM Clinical Practice Innovation and Quality Award will be judged by a committee appointed by the SGIM Council under the direction of the Chair of the Clinical Practice Committee.

Scoring Rubric:

Addresses the Requirements of outpatient or inpatient Quality Domains
Describes an Important Innovation & Effective Deployment
Uses Technology Effectively or Creatively
Shows Objective Improvement of Outcomes or Efficiency
Demonstrates Organizational Learning (i.e. the innovation is taught to residents, students, or colleagues)
Develops Generalizable Systems that are Applicable to Others

The Award

The recipient(s) will be recognized with a plaque at the national meeting. SGIM welcomes recipient(s) to submit a workshop for presentation at the next year’s SGIM national meeting and encourages recipients to submit a suitable manuscript for publication in JGIM or the Forum; though as with other manuscript submissions, we cannot guarantee acceptance for presentation or publication. Recipient(s) will be expected to welcome site visits from other SGIM members in order to further demonstrate and promote generalizability of their successes. Further, the recipients agree to allow distribution of their proposal on the SGIM websites for national dissemination.

Annual Meeting registration fees will be waived for up to two attendees.

Example of an Awarded Project:
Boston Medical Center manages patients with SUD. The BMC team reached out to the community, performed aggressive interventions, received feedback form their physicians/patients, and continually modified their interventions according to the data and feedback received.

2023 Quality and Practice Innovation Award Winner
Hadeel Alkhairw, MD, MS
(Elmhurst Ambulatory Care Services Primary Care, part of the New York City Health and Hospital System)

Ready to Nominate?
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Important Dates 

October 6, 2023

Award nominations open

January 12, 2024

Award nominations close

March 13, 2024

All award recipients are notified  

May 15-18, 2024

Award presentations and acknowledgements at the 2024 SGIM Annual Meeting in Boston, MA

Past Recipients

Elmhurst Ambulatory Care Services Primary Care, part of the New York City Health and Hospital System


Allegheny General Hospital System


University of Pennsylvania Health System- Penn Center for Connected Care


University of Pennsylvania Health System- Penn Nudge Unit


Mount Sinai High Value Care Team
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


UPMC Health Plan and the University of Pittsburgh Physicians- Division of GIM (UPP-GIM) / Enhanced Care Program (ECP)


Boston Medical Center - GIM / Clinical Addiction Research (CARE) Unit

University of Pittsburgh Physicians - General Internal Medicine  2016
The Massachusetts General Physicians Organization  2015 
Brigham and Women's Advance Primary Care Associates


St Joseph's Hospital &
Medical Center-Phoenix, AZ


Wake Forest School of Medicine 2012
Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation's Division of GIM 2011
University of Cinnicinnati Academic Health Center 2010
University of Chicago Primary Care Group 2009
Mount Sinai Visiting Doctors Program 2008