Happy New Year! As another New Year transition passes, there is a familiar sense of renewal that I expect and look forward to each year. Already two years ago, I suggested that the 2020-21 New Year’s transition would be a perfect opportunity for us to resolve to “promote our health and that of our colleagues.”1 During the 2021-22 transition, I reflected on SGIM Forum commitments to adhere to the DEI Workgroup recommendations for the Society.2 This year’s transition marks my final January issue as SGIM Forum Editor-in-Chief and I have only positive and professionally formative experiences to take away from this role.

As I think about 2023, I must give thanks to the village it takes to produce each monthly issue of SGIM Forum. I have the deepest gratitude for Francine Jetton, SGIM Director of Communications and Publications and SGIM Forum’s outgoing staff liaison, Taylor Wise, Social Media and Communications Specialist who will be SGIM Forum’s staff liaison going forward, Frank Darmstadt, SGIM Forum Managing Editor, and Howard Petlack, our graphic designer, for all their support and patience as I grew into this Editor-in-Chief role during the early pandemic period of 2020. I also thank Joseph Conigliaro, past Editor-in-Chief, for a smooth leadership transition and especially for encouraging me to write and edit throughout my pre-2020 years as an Associate Editor. To each Associate Editor I have worked alongside: thank you for your service and making this adventure the fulfilling and re-energizing space into which I have grown. Lastly, I am grateful to the SGIM Council and leadership for their support—especially each of the presidents whose columns are published in SGIM Forum, LeRoi Hicks, Monica Lypson, and Jean Kutner. Similarly, thanks to Eric Bass, SGIM CEO, for always keeping us updated on the latest news in Society partnerships, policies, and practices in his CEO Q&A column.

I look forward to reading even more innovative and thought-provoking work from SGIM members for a long time to come. I am especially excited to welcome a new Editor-in-Chief in early 2023. Don’t miss out the chance to head a team in a unique leadership role and work with so many wonderful human beings along the way!3 The extended call for applications for SGIM Forum Editor-in-Chief is open until January 13, 2023.


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