The Society of General Internal Medicine presented numerous awards and grants at its Annual Scientific Meeting, held May 10-13, 2023, at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center in Aurora, CO. SGIM is proud and pleased to announce the recipients by category

Recognition Awards
The Robert J. Glaser Award—Presented to Neil Powe, MD, MPH, MBA (University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine) for outstanding contributions to research, education, or both in generalism in medicine. The award is supported by grants from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, the Commonwealth Fund, and individual contributors.

Herbert W. Nickens Minority Health and Representation in Medicine Award—Presented to Ade Olomu, MD (Michigan State University College of Human Medicine) for a demonstrated commitment to cultural diversity in medicine.

David R. Calkins Award—Recognizes the extraordinary commitment that many members make when they choose to advocate on behalf of SGIM. It is named for the late David R. Calkins, MD, because of his tireless advocacy in health policy issues on behalf of SGIM since its inception as SREPCIM in 1978. The 2023 recipient is Lilia Cervantes, MD (Denver Health Medical Center).

ACLGIM Chiefs Recognition Award—Presented to Jeanne Clark, MD, MPH (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine). This award is given annually to the general internal medicine Division Chief who most represents excellence in division leadership.

The ACLGIM UNLTD (Unified Leadership Training in Diversity) Award—Recognizes junior and mid-career faculty from underrepresented groups with proven leadership potential. Recipients of this award receive a scholarship to attend educational and networking opportunities: SGIM Annual Meeting, ACLGIM Winter Summit, and additional fellowship opportunities. The 2023 recipients are Ines Robles Aponte, MD (Columbia University Medical Center); Christopher Jackson, MD (University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine); Evan Shannon, MD, MPH (UCLA Healthcare); and Lucille Torres-Deas, MD (Columbia University Medical Center).

The ACLGIM Leadership Award—Given to a member of the ACLGIM who is within the first 10 years of faculty appointment. It recognizes skills in leadership in any number of areas of academic medicine, including clinical, educational, research or administrative efforts. The 2023 recipient of this award is Tracey Henry, MD (Emory University School of Medicine).

The Quality and Practice Innovation Award—Recognizes general internists and their organization that have successfully developed and implemented innovative role model systems of practice improvement in ambulatory and/or inpatient clinical practice. The 2023 award was presented to Hadeel Alkhairw, MD, MS (Elmhurst Ambulatory Care Services Primary Care, part of the New York City Health and Hospital System).

The Excellence in Medical Ethics Award—Recognizes the original scholarship that SGIM members have done to advance medical ethics. The 2023 award was presented to Mary Catherine Beach, MD, MPH (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine).

Research Awards
John M. Eisenberg National Award for Career Achievement in Research—Presented to Lisa A. Cooper, MD, MPH (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine) in recognition of a senior SGIM member whose innovative research has changed the way we care for patients, the way we conduct research, or the way we educate our students. SGIM member contributions and the Hess Foundation support this award.

Outstanding Junior Investigator of the Year—Presented to Renuka Tipirneni, MD, MSc (University of Michigan Medical School) for early career achievements and overall body of work that has made a national impact on generalist research.

Mid-Career Research Mentorship Award—Presented to Melanie Jay MD, MS (NYU Grossman School of Medicine) in recognition of mentoring activities as a general internal medicine investigator.

Best Published Research Paper of the Year—Presented to Paula Chatterjee, MD, MPH (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine) for their 2022 publication “Variation and Changes in the Targeting of Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital Payments.” This award is offered to help members gain recognition for their papers that have made significant contributions to generalist research.

Founders’ Grant—Presented to Elizabeth Boggs, MD, MS (University of Colorado School of Medicine). The SGIM Founders Award provides up to $10,000 support to junior investigators who exhibit significant potential for a successful research career and who need a “jump start” to establish a strong research funding base.

Lawrence S. Linn Award—Awarded to Kira Nightingale, BS, MBA, MS (University of Pennsylvania Medical Center). This award provides up to $20,000 funding to a young investigator to study or improve the quality of life for persons with AIDS or HIV infection.

Mary O’Flaherty Horn Scholarship—Presented to Shreya Trivedi, MD (Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians at BIDMC). This two-year career development grant is awarded to a junior clinician-educator to promote their academic career, while maintaining a healthy balance between personal and professional responsibilities by providing the scholar with a flexible schedule and protected time to engage in meaningful career development and scholarly activities. This grant funds the scholar $30,000 yearly for two years in addition to their institution matching $30,000 yearly for two years.

Clinician-Educator Awards
Career Achievements in Medical Education—Presented to Susan Hingle, MD (Southern Illinois University School of Medicine) for a lifetime of contributions to medical education.

Frederick L. Brancati Mentorship & Leadership Award—Presented to Christopher Jackson, MD (University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine). The Brancati Award honors an individual at the junior faculty level who inspires and mentors trainees to pursue general internal medicine and lead the transformation of health care through innovations in research, education, and practice.

Scholarship in Medical Education—Presented to Somnath Mookherjee, MD (University of Washington School of Medicine) for individual contributions to medical education in one or more of the following categories: Scholarship of Integration, Scholarship in Educational Methods and Teaching, and Scholarship in Clinical Practice.

Mid-Career Mentorship in Education Award—Presented to Alia Chisty, MD (Penn State Hershey Medical Center). This award recognizes the mentoring activities of general medicine educators who are actively engaged in education research and mentorship of junior clinician educators.

Presentation Awards
David E. Rogers Junior Faculty Education Award—Presented to three junior faculty for workshops judged the most outstanding among those presented at the 2023 Annual Meeting. To be eligible, the workshop coordinator must be an SGIM member and faculty at the instructor or assistant professor level at the time of the 2023 Annual Meeting. Attendance (≥ 20) and participation evaluations (≥ 60%) are considered in determining the recipients.

  • Holly N. Thomas (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) “HOT off the Press: Employing the Latest Guideline on Menopausal Hormone Therapy in Clinical Practice”
  • Meagan Williams, MD (University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School) “Trauma-Informed Care: A Hands-on How-to for Clinical Practice”
  • Allison Wolfe, MD (University of Colorado, Denver) “AllyTalk: An Interactive Training to Increase Ability to Interrupt Microaggressions”

Mack Lipkin, Sr.—Associate Member Awards—Presented to the scientific presentations considered most outstanding by students, residents, and fellows during the 2023 SGIM annual meeting. Awards are made based on participant evaluations of the presentations and are endowed by the Zlinkoff Fund for Medical Education. The award winners for 2023 are the following:

  • Eden Bernstein, MD (Massachusetts General Hospital) for abstract presentation “Treatment Gaps and Disparities among Medicare Beneficiaries Hospitalized with Alcohol Use Disorder”
  • Emily Lupez, MD (Cambridge Health Alliance) for abstract presentation “Physical and Mental Health Conditions, Access to Care, and Financial Barriers to Care among People Incarcerated in US Prisons”
  • Carlos Irwin Oronce, MD, MPH (University of California, Los Angeles David Geffen School of Medicine) for abstract presentation “Association Between Governmental Spending on Social Services and Health Care Use Among Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries”

Milton W. Hamolsky—Junior Faculty Awards—Presented to the scientific presentations considered most outstanding by junior faculty during the 2023 SGIM annual meeting. Awards are made based on participant evaluations of the presentations and are endowed by the Zlinkoff Fund for Medical Education. The award winners for 2023 are as follows:

  • Richard Leuchter, MD (UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center) “Identifying Unnecessary Hospitalizations Using the Covid-19 Pandemic as a Natural Experiment: An Instrumental Variable Analysis”
  • Evan Shannon, MD, MPH (UCLA Healthcare) “Effect of Patient-Physician Racial Concordance on Outcomes of Patients Treated by Hospitalists”
  • Serena Michelle Ogunwole, MD, PhD (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine) “Applying Critical Race Feminism to Explore Barriers and Facilitators to Postpartum Primary Care Utilization among Black Women with Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors: A Qualitative Study”

SGIM Clinical Vignette Oral Presentation Awards—Recognizes the best presented clinical cases by a medical student, internal medicine resident, or GIM fellow (not faculty) at the SGIM National Meeting. This year’s recipients are:

  • Matt Slief, MD (University of Alabama at Birmingham) “Listen to Your Heart: A Rare Case of Non-neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension”
  • Vijay Shimoga, MD (University of Colorado Health) “Something to Chew On: Denture Adhesive-Induced Copper Deficiency Myeloneuropathy in a Patient with Suspected MS”
  • Zachary Meili, DO (Temple University Hospital) “Trading Blindness for Dyspnea, A Case of Medication Induced Metabolic Acidosis or How I Learned to Love the ABG”

Distinguished Professor of Women’s Health Best Oral Abstract AwardElisheva Danan, MD, MPH (Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center) for the abstract titled “VA patient and staff perspectives on self-collected testing for Human Papillomavirus (HPV)”

Distinguished Professor of Women’s Health Best Poster AwardAmy Farkas, MD, MS (Medical College of Wisconsin) for the poster titled “VA Women’s Health Training Advances Primary Care Providers Women’s Health Knowledge and Clinical Skills”

Distinguished Professor of Geriatrics Best Oral Abstract AwardHalima Amjad, MD, PhD, MPH (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine) for the abstract titled “Overwhelmed: Dementia Care in Primary Care”

Distinguished Professor of Geriatrics Best Poster AwardRashmi Sharma, MD, MHSc (University of Washington Medical Center)—for the poster titled “Challenges Experienced by Family Members of Hospitalized Older Adults with Dementia When Making “In-the-Moment” Decisions Regarding Intensity of Care”

Distinguished Professor of Health Equity Best Oral Abstract AwardSomnath Saha, MD, MPH (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine)—for the abstract titled “Racial Bias in Documentation of Patient Adherence in Medical Records”

Distinguished Professor of Health Equity Best Poster AwardJennifer Oshita (University of Vermont Medical Center)—for the poster titled “Communication Disability Accommodation Programs in US Healthcare Organizations”

Distinguished Professor of Hospital Medicine Best Oral Abstract AwardAlexander James Beagle, MD (University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine)—for the abstract titled “Associations Between Volume of Intravenous Fluid and Mortality in Septic Patients with and without Heart Failure”

Distinguished Professor of Hospital Medicine Best Poster AwardStephanie Cardenas (University of Chicago Division of the Biological Sciences The Pritzer School of Medicine)—for the poster titled “The Effect of Restrictive Red Blood Cell Transfusion on Cognitive Function in Hospitalized Patients”



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