In recent issues of SGIM Forum, we have presented a series of previously published Forum articles related to systemic racism and medicine. Our final installment includes four more voices from SGIM who called for the dismantling of systemic racism in American society and medicine. Their work is just the beginning.

“Disparities in Health Status and Health Care Quality by Race: Where Do We Go from Here”1

September 1997 | Valerie E. Stone

Disparities between Black and white patients exist both in outcomes, such as mortality rates and incidences of diseases like diabetes and AIDS, and in processes of care, including the likelihood of a patient with HIV being treated with appropriate antiretroviral medications. Addressing these disparities was the focus of the Minority Health Precourse at the 1997 SGIM Annual Meeting.

“Primary Care Practice in Minority Settings – A Mission and a Profession”2

February 2007 | Carla Harwell

The author, who practices primary care in an area of Cleveland more than 98% African American, reflects on issues of trust that complicate the relationship between a white doctor, Black patients, and a healthcare system that has done little to earn their trust.

“Multiple Traumas”3

March 2020 | Angela Suen

In this narrative essay, the author witnesses first-hand how bias impacts the delivery of care, and advocates for implicit bias training and ongoing dialogue aimed at confronting bias in residency training and beyond.

“Let’s Talk About Equity”4

July 2018 | Giselle Corbie-Smith

In these turbulent and rapidly changing times, our core value of equity may seem at odds with the current perspectives of some stakeholders and policymakers. The author proposes the use of simple language, familiar references, a focus on solutions, and incorporating notions of personal responsibility to produce statements of purpose that resonate with a broad audience.


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Dr. Sgro ( is an academic hospitalist and clinical assistant professor of medicine, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System and University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.