Most SGIM members are intimately familiar with UpToDate—its goals are to make its chapters evidence-based, peer reviewed, continually updated, and inclusive of actionable recommendations. The full contents of UpToDate are used by more than 38,500 institutions and 1,900,000 individual users in 191 countries through a variety of platforms including online and mobile applications.

Why Has UpToDate Partnered with SGIM?

Many UpToDate chapters are authored by specialists who are content experts in their topic. To ensure that UpToDate remains useful to general internists at the point of care, UpToDate has partnered with SGIM for the past two decades. SGIM members review chapters from a general internist’s perspective to help UpToDate better align its content to their needs. These SGIM reviewers provide feedback on more than 100 UpToDate topics annually. Their recommendations are incorporated into the final chapters produced by UpToDate. In addition, UpToDate is piloting a new process where SGIM members will help shape the future directions of UpToDate by generating questions that future chapters will answer.

In addition to the benefits that individual members have derived from SGIM’s partnership with UpToDate, the partnership has benefited the Society as a whole. SGIM is paid royalties and an honorarium each year in recognition of its ongoing contributions to UpToDate. This income supports other valuable activities of the Society. Also, SGIM has partnered with UpToDate to provide free subscriptions to clinics in underserved areas that are unable to afford access to UpToDate.

Why Become an SGIM UpToDate Reviewer?

Through their peer reviews, SGIM’s UpToDate reviewers share their expertise in general internal medicine with a broad range of clinicians throughout the world. Participation in the review process itself also helps to support the career advancement of reviewers. For junior clinician-educators, in particular, participation provides invaluable experience and knowledge-building in the fundamentals of high-quality peer review work. New reviewers receive feedback from more senior SGIM members on their reviews. In addition, reviewers gain national recognition for their role in the peer-review process of a widely used medical reference tool. Finally, reviewing is a good way to network with more senior SGIM members in the SGIM UpToDate Reviewers Lead Group.

What Does It Take to Be a Reviewer? Can I Join?

SGIM is always looking for new reviewers! Any SGIM full member who spends at least 20% of his/her time practicing ambulatory general internal medicine is eligible. Reviewers are not expected to be content experts in the areas of the topics they review as their role is to represent the needs of general internists and help UpToDate understand how the chapter would be received by that audience. Reviewers typically spend 2-3 hours on a chapter’s review and receive about 5-7 requests for reviews annually. The UpToDate team allows ample time for reviews and when needed works around clinical or personal conflicts. New SGIM reviewers are aided by senior SGIM members in the UpToDate Reviewers Lead Group. These senior members provide vital mentoring on how to perform high quality reviews and how to critically analyze the evidence or recommendations presented in the chapters.

What Do I Do Next?

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, please e-mail Ms. Leslie Dunne ( SGIM will conduct regular training sessions throughout the year.

UpToDate Staff

Ava Garcia
Jane Givens, MD
Lisa Kunins, MD

Leadership Group

Eric Green, MD, MSc, Chair
Irene Alexandraki, MD, MPH
Mark Aronson, MD
KoKo Aung, MD, MPH, CPH
Robert Fletcher, MD, MSc
Suzanne Fletcher, MD, MSc
Keels Jorn, MD
Claudia Leonard, MD
Edgar Lerma, MD
Margaret Lo, MD
Judy Melin, MD
Joseph Rabatin, MD
Priya Radhakrishnan, MD

Current Reviewers

Sonal Admane, MD
Hadel Alkhairw, MD
Cherinne Arundel, MD
Navneet Attri, MD
Moises Auron, MD
Nanci Baxi, MD
Jonathan Berz, MD
Priyanka Bhugra, MD
Ian Chen, MD
Julie Chen, MD
Barbara Cooper, MD
Ricardo Correa, MD
Jennifer Cowart, MD
Murali Duggirala, MD
Manivel Eswaran, MD
Christopher Feddock, MD
Benjamin Gallagher, MD
Benjamin Geisler, MD
Patricia Harris, MD
Jennifer Headrick, MD
Jason Higdon, MD
Mary Hohenhaus, MD
Mehrshid Kiazand, MD
Elisabeth Kramer, MD
Steven Lilly, MD
Laura Loertscher, MD
Geraldine Ménard, MD
Kristi Moore, MD
Irem Nasir, MD
Daniel Pohlman, MD
Clifford Rubin, MD
Maryam Sattari, MD
Danielle Scheurer, MD
Carol L. Sprague, MD
Carol Stanford, MD
Jennifer Stichman, MD
Sami Tahhan, MD
Joel Trambley, MD
Pamela Vohra-Khullar, MD
Steven Yale, MD



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Author Descriptions

Dr. Green ( is the DIO and internal medicine program director at Mercy Catholic Medical Center, clinical professor of medicine at Drexel University College of Medicine, and the leader of SGIM’s UpToDate Reviewers Lead Group. Ms. Dunne ( is the director of finance and administration for SGIM. Dr. Bass ( is the CEO of SGIM.