We are pleased to share this December issue of ACLGIM’s Leadership Forum with perspectives from colleagues across the country. As ACLGIM President, Mark Earnest shares his leadership journey, including how childhood lessons in advocacy and organization spurred professional success and leadership skills. In these challenging times of staffing shortages and pandemic fatigue, Lucille Torres-Deas and Abby Spencer write of culture change to prioritize connection and joy in medicine as a means to cultivating wellness and embracing diversity. Peter Cram compares health care from the perspective of patient and provider in Canada and the United States, highlighting benefits and drawbacks of each system. We hope these pieces motivate readers as they have inspired us. As the calendar year draws to a close, we invite all those who enjoy reading ACLGIM’s Leadership Forum to consider joining us on the Editorial Board. An invitation to apply will be circulated widely this Fall and Winter.



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