The Society of General Internal Medicine is a member-based internal medical association of more than 3,300 of the world’s leading academic general internists, dedicated to improving the access to care for all populations, eliminating healthcare disparities, and enhancing medical education. But did you know that SGIM members also identify as clinicians, investigators, educators, advocates, policymakers, and administrators? And did you know that SGIM members practice across the United States as well as internationally?

SGIM’s members participate in organizational activities at the national and regional levels, but did you know that SGIM members include emeritus, full, and associate members (fellows, residents, and students)? Did you know that SGIM has 10 committees, four commissions, and more than 80 interest groups? Did you know that SGIM members publish in the SGIM Forum and in JGIM? Did you know that 2,587 members attended the 2023 SGIM annual meeting in Denver, Colorado?

The SGIM Editorial team will roll out a new feature in the January 2024 SGIM Forum issue: “Did You Know?” is a short column that will highlight SGIM current and future activities as well as other SGIM topics from committees and commissions. “Did You Know?” will ensure that SGIM members are aware of the varied activities and offerings available to them. This new feature will also help orient new SGIM members—as well as Students, Residents and Fellows (SRFs)—to the SGIM organizational infrastructure. This also fits the core mission of our current SGIM Forum editorial team that the Forum is “from SGIM members, for SGIM members.”

At the 2023 SGIM summer Council retreat, SGIM leadership and staff had the opportunity to learn about the many activities our SGIM members are involved with through the review of the annual plans submitted to Council. Retreat attendees, some with significant SGIM involvement and experience, learned about the new goals and initiatives proposed by the commissions and committees. Many of these topics were unknown to those outside of the commission or committee proposing the new initiative. The SGIM Editorial team decided that “Did You Know?” would be an opportunity to highlight these initiatives to all SGIM members.

In January 2024, we will begin publishing these 100-150-word “Did You Know?” mini-columns. If you would like to be considered for a “Did You Know?”, please submit the topic and the 100–150-word write-up to Topics and write-ups will be collected and published as word counts permit. Priority will be given for a “Did You Know?” of a time-sensitive nature.

The SGIM Editorial team anticipates that “Did You Know?” will help members learn more about SGIM as an organization and different opportunities to participate in. As Andrew Carnegie once said “The only irreplaceable capital an organization possesses is the knowledge and ability of its people. The productivity of that capital depends upon how effectively people share their competence with those who can use it.”1 We ask you to share your knowledge with us so we can query SGIM members: “Did You Know?”


  1. Carnegie, Andrew. Top 120 Andrew Carnegie Quotes (2023 update). Quotefancy.




Author Descriptions

Dr. Landry ( is Editor in Chief of the SGIM Forum, chief of medicine at the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System, and an associate professor of internal medicine and pediatrics at Tulane School of Medicine. Ms. Wise ( is Social Media and Communications Specialist at SGIM. Ms. Jetton ( is Senior Director of Communications and Publications at SGIM.