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ACLGIM Chief's Recognition Award

Given annually to the GIM Division Chief who most represents excellence in Division leadership.

Who Qualifies?

Any GIM Chief who has been Chief at the same Division for three years or longer.

Who May Nominate?

The award committee will accept letters from GIM Division members which demonstrate how their GIM Chief exemplifies sustained excellence in the areas outlined below.  A complete nomination would include: 

  • One letter of nomination
  • No more than three letters of support from members of the same GIM Division.

Who Decides the Winner?

The ACLGIM Awards Committee members

What are the Judging Criteria?

Letters will be reviewed with regard to evidence for excellence in:

  • Mentorship in any domain (research, education, clinical service, leadership)Faculty development across the Division
  • Generating infrastructure and/or resources for research and program development
  • Advocacy for GIM within the home institution & more broadly
  • Recruitment and retention of excellent faculty in GIM
  • Supporting faculty in times of need or in unconventional career tracks
  • Creating a diverse and harmonious Division
  • Sharing wisdom and role modeling a satisfying academic GIM career

Applications not selected in 2019 will be carried over for consideration in 2020.  Those who submit a nomination will be contacted to update their application prior to consideration for future years.

Important Dates

October 11, 2019

Online nominations open

December 20, 2019

Online nominations close

February 2020

Awardee notifications begin

May 6 - 9, 2020

Award presentation at the 2020 Hess Management Institute and the SGIM Annual Meeting

Past Recipients

Jeffrey Samet
Mark Linzer
Deborah Burnet
Wishwa N. Kapoor
Julia H. Arnsten
Laurence McMahon
Katrina Armstrong
David E. Kern
Frederick Louis Brancati
Russell S. Phillips 
Ann B. Nattinger
Eugene Z. Oddone
Patrick G. O'Connor