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Vision and Values

SGIM was founded in 1978 as the Society for Research and Education in Primary Care Internal Medicine (SREPCIM) with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and had 178 attendees at its inaugural meeting. In 1988, SREPCIM became the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) and today has more than 3,000 members.

Who are we?
SGIM is a diverse community of physician and other health professional educators, researchers and clinicians, and students and trainees, all of whom are committed to the SGIM mission.

What is our mission?
To lead excellence, change, and innovation in clinical care, education, and research in general internal medicine to achieve health care delivery that:

  • Is comprehensive, technologically-advanced and individualized.
  • Instills trust within a culture of respect
  • Is efficient in the use of time, people, and resources
  • Is organized and financed to achieve optimal health outcomes
  • Maximizes equity
  • Continually learns and adapts

What do we value?

  • Excellence in creative and innovative approaches to clinical care, teaching, and research
  • Collegial support and mentorship
  • Partnerships and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Social responsibility and equity in health and health care.
  • Diversity

What are our goals?

1. To identify, foster, study, translate, and disseminate innovation in health care delivery, which, to achieve, we will:

  • Create dynamic learning communities that promote innovation in clinical practice, education, and research.
  • Leverage clinical, educational, and research innovations within and outside of the organization.
  • Evaluate innovation in health care delivery and medical education
  • Develop and disseminate novel research methods
  • Operationalize technologies to improve the experiences of patients and the health care team with a focus on improving health outcomes
  • Advocate for improvements in the education, research, and clinical practice arenas and for policies that support such improvements.
  • Create a multi-modal communications campaign for internal and external audiences.
  • Support our committees, taskforces and interest groups to undertake initiatives aligned with these activities.
  • Forge alliances with other organizations using our knowledge, experience, and energy to support shared goals.
  • Seek to eliminate disparities in health care access and outcomes
  • Promote healthy and sustainable work environments for physicians and other health professionals

2. To enhance the value of SGIM membership and support member career development, we will:

  • Disseminate knowledge and grow community through the annual meeting, the Journal of General Internal Medicine, SGIM Forum, regional meetings, interest groups, workshops, our Website, and other efforts.
  • Develop career development programs and products, including activities in medical education, clinical leadership, and mentoring.
  • Identify and celebrate outstanding achievement through awards and other venues.
  • Create and sustain forums for members to exchange ideas and work collaboratively.
  • Provide opportunities for engagement and leadership for all interested members.
  • Increase the visibility and status of primary care and General Internal Medicine.

We work with others to increase our impact.

We actively seek alliances with others -- societies or individuals -- with whom we can partner to improve the quality of patient care, medical education, and research. We believe advocacy on public policy issues is stronger if we collaborate with colleagues in other organizations. We support initiatives by the government and foundations that promote access to care, education of patients and trainees, constructive relationships between doctors and their patients, and medical research. We are committed to sharing our intellectual capital and experience with general internists wherever they practice. We aim to increase the visibility and status of primary care and
General Internal Medicine.

Version Approved by SGIM Council Jan. 13, 2012