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2017-2018 Annual Report

As President of the Society of General Internal Medicine, I am pleased to present the 2017-2018 Annual Report.  The full report, presented in sections on this webpage, represents the many accomplishments of members, committees, staff and the Society as a whole during the 2017-2018 year.  Please use the links on this page to view the four in-depth reports on: 1) SGIM membership, 2) Regions, 3) Finances, and 4) the Journal of General Internal Medicine (JGIM).   We have also attached a list of the year’s many accomplishments by our members, staff, and leadership. 2017 was a truly outstanding year for SGIM.

SGIM is a vibrant organization of over 3,000 academic general internal medicine physicians, trainees, and researchers. Our mission is: To lead excellence, change, and innovation in clinical care, education, and research in general internal medicine to achieve health care delivery that:

• Is comprehensive, technologically-advanced and individualized
• Instills trust within a culture of respect
• Is efficient in the use of time, people, and resources
• Is organized and financed to achieve optimal health outcomes
• Maximizes equity; and
• Continually learns and adapts

The following key strategic priorities guide the activities of the Society:

      1. Improving work and practice environment for general internists.
      2. Ensuring that reimbursement systems fairly compensate generalists for their work.
      3. Increasing the value of SGIM for members.
      4. Increasing career development opportunities.
      5. Leadership in cutting-edge issues.
           6. Growing SGIM membership at a healthy rate.

I would like to call special attention to several especially noteworthy accomplishments this year:

SGIM’s commitment to organizational learning and improvement
SGIM was pleased this year to celebrate its 40th anniversary and spent considerable time and energy this year focusing on organizational improvements to ensure its second 40 years is even stronger. These initiatives included:

• Hiring our first-ever physician CEO, Dr. Eric Bass. Eric is providing overall leadership to our outstanding staff, and also focusing special attention on stakeholder engagement, communications, and development.

• Reorganizing our structure to better align our organizational units with our strategic priorities and bandwidth. Our Task Forces, all of which had provided outstanding service to the organization over many years, were all either transitioned into new structures called Commissions, integrated into existing Committees, or reformulated as Interest Groups. Restructuring of our Annual Meeting Program Committee as well as our structures to support leadership development and mentoring initiatives is underway.

• Recognizing the key role that effective internal and external communications will play in the organization’s future, we undertook an extensive communications audit in partnership with Pyramid Communications.

• Securing a 3rd round of financial support ($75,000) for our ProudtobeGIM Campaign, planting the seeds of interest around academic general internal medicine among medical students and residents across the country.

Continued growth in career development programs
SGIM and ACLGIM offer an unparalleled suite of highly regarded career development programs, including the Academic Hospital Academy (with planning underway for AHA 2.0), TEACH, LEAD, LEAHP, and WELL.

Outstanding meetings
The 2017 Annual Meeting was record setting, and the 2018 Annual Meeting is on track to eclipse these high-water marks yet again, with over 2300 attendees. The Regional Meetings were thriving as well, with over 1550 attending a regional meeting last year.

Vibrant committees, task forces, and interest groups
SGIM is a proudly volunteer-driven organization, supported by an outstanding and dedicated staff. Much of the organization’s work takes place through the Committees, Task Forces, Interest Groups, and other organizational units. As above, a new organizational unit, “Commission”, have been established to address cross-cutting topics of enduring importance to the organization. Commissions related to Health Equity, Women and Medicine, Geriatrics, and Academic Hospitalists will be launched soon.

Please see the Annual Report for much more information about these important accomplishments and future directions for the organization.

---Thomas Gallagher, MD

Tom Gallagher

Thoman Gallagher, MD
SGIM President, 2017-2018

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