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Society of General Internal Medicine

The Society of General Internal Medicine is a member-based internal medical association of over 3,300 of the world’s leading academic general internists, who are dedicated to improving the access to care for all populations, eliminating healthcare disparities and enhancing medical education. SGIM’s mission is the be the professional home for innovators and scholars in academic general internal medicine leading the way to better health for everyone. The members of the Society advance the practice of medicine through their commitment to providing comprehensive, coordinated and cost-effective care to adults, educating the next generation of outstanding physicians, and conducting cutting-edge research to improve quality of care and clinical outcomes of all patients.

SGIM's mission is to cultivate innovative educators, researchers, and clinicians in academic general internal medicine, leading the way to better health for everyone  Click here to read more about our vision and values.  

Annual SGIM Meeting
Birmingham, AL 
May 6-9, 2020

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The First National Meeting

The first national meeting of SREPCIM was convened on April 28, 1978.  All 178 attendees were granted membership and voting rights and an initial constitution was drafted that provided for annual meetings that would serve as a forum for research and education. Officers were elected by ballot in July 1978 and a newsletter for the Society was established.

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As a member of the SGIM you have full access to our member benefits and networking opportunities. These tools will enable you to excel in the practice of academic general internal medicine and your career regardless of your experience level.

SGIM has advanced my career in more ways than I can speak of. It truly is my academic and professional home away from home.


- Dr. Frank Smith