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Demystifying Geriatrics: Stigma and Daily Realities

Hussain, Y. (2013)Demystifying Geriatrics: Stigma and Daily Realities.SGIM Forum 36(6): 7, 14

Research,Clinical Practice,Education PDF


2011 Annual Meeting Handout ASG1 Abstract Session G1: Disparities

Clinical Practice,Health Policy,Research,Education,Careers PDF

May 2009 Forum- PDF Version

May 2009-PDFVersion. Editorial - Can I Fire My Hospitalist? The Various Handoffs: All a Learned Practice? President's Column: When Things Don't Go Right: Turning Mistakes into Learning. How Do You Do That? Finding a Mentor and Making it Work. Outpatient Morning Report: A 61 Year Old Man with Lower Extremity Edema, Proteinuria, and Microscopic Hematuria. Practice Innovations at MUSC and Grady Memorial Hospital.

Education,Clinical Practice,Health Policy,Research,Careers PDF

February 2011- PDF Version

February 2011- PDF Version. How Will the Recent Mid-Term Elections Affect Health Care Reform Implementation? The Trainee's Role in Primary Care Reform. President's Column: Measuring the Quality of Generalist Care: The Need for a New Generation of Metrics. From the Society Part I: A New Relationship with the VA. From the Regions: Getting Local Funding for the Regional Meeting: So Much More than Fundraising. From the Society Part 2: The Value of Membership. Chalk Talk: Why Grandma Shouldn't Spend Extra Days in the Hospital. A Journey in Academic General Internal Medicine. Morning Report: A Young Man with Cough, Dyspnea, and Pleurisy. Health Policy Corner: The Role of the Congressional Staff Part II.

Clinical Practice,Education,Careers,Health Policy,Research PDF

The Next Accreditation System

Yungyongying, P., Palamara, K., Lo, M., Karani, R., Agaard, E., Rosenblum, M. The Next Accreditation System: Faculty Development Needs in Competency-Based Medical Education.SGIM Forum: 37(5): 8, 15.

Leadership,Careers,Education PDF

December 2010 Forum- PDF Version

December 2010 - PDF Version. Internal Medicine and Residency Duty Hours: A &doublequot;Shift&doublequot; from Tradition. A Brief How To Guide to Your First Year as a General Medicine Fellow. President's Column: The Good Physician. Sign of the Times: Using Video Testimonials to Share the Joys of Careers in General Internal Medicine. Policy Corner: The Congressional Budget and Appropriations Process. From the Editor: A Member You Should Know: Danielle Ofri. Researchers' Corner: Datasets for Research on Hospitalized Adults. Chalk Talk: Number Needed to Treat. From the Society: News from the Women's Health Task Force. Reflections: My Year as Southern Regional President.

Health Policy,Careers,Clinical Practice,Education,Research PDF

Global Health

2011 Annual Meeting Handout ASF4 Abstract Session F4: Global Health

Education,Clinical Practice,Research,Health Policy,Careers PDF

Best Care at Lower Cost

deBronkart, &doublequot;e-Patient Dave&doublequot;. (2012) Best Care at Lower Cost: Who Says What's &doublequot;Best&doublequot;? Will the Best be Protected?SGIM Forum 35(12):2, 14.

Clinical Practice,Health Policy,Careers PDF

June 2011 Forum- PDF Version

June 2011 - PDF Version. Evidence-Based Practice: What's the Bottom Line? Personal/Professional Balance: Advice from a Younger Sister. President's Column: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research: Just a New Name or a New Perspective for CER? From the Society: Capital Campaign Wrap-Up. Clinical Update: Things You Should Know About Buprenorphine and Methadone. Researchers' Corner: Journal Venues for Clinician Educators. Morning Report: A Young Man with Epigastric Pain and Anemia. From the Editor: The Editor's Closing Thoughts Part II. From the Society: The Clinical Practice Committee's Role in Advancing the Practice of GIM.

Education,Careers,Health Policy,Clinical Practice,Research PDF

December 2011 Advocacy Report

December 2011 Advocacy Report from CRD Associates

Health Policy PDF
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