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What Could Go Wrong? A Medical Student&spamp;#39;s Reflection

Chin, C. (2015) What Could Go Wrong? A Medical Student's Reflection on Implementing Quality Improvement Changes.SGIM Forum 38 (12): 6.

Education,Research,Clinical Practice PDF

The Battle for the Public's Health

DeSalvo, K. (2012)The Battle for the Public's Health. SGIM Forum; 35 (7): 1, 13, 15.

Careers,Education,Health Policy,Clinical Practice,Research PDF

Medicare&spamp;#39;s CCM Code 99490

Goodson, J., Engel, J. (2015) Medicare's CCM Code 99490: Now we know, but what will we do?SGIM Forum 38(5): 7, 14.

Clinical Practice,Health Policy PDF

The Role of Medical Informatics in GIM Research

McEvoy, D., Bearnot, B., Justice, A., Samal, L. (2015) The Role of Medical Informatics in GIM Research.SGIM Forum 38 (12): 2, 10.

Research,Education PDF

April 2005 Forum PDF Version

April 2005 PDF Version. The New Orleans Annual Meeting Will Have a Lot of Lagniappe.ACGIM Column: Building Research Programs in GIM: Challenges and Assistance.President's Column: MEDICINE BY INCLUSION.Innovation and Community among Medical Educators.Associates' Corner.Minority Health and Health Equity Column: Utilization of Bariatric Surgery: A Disparity in the Making?VA Column: SGIM VA Workgroup Offerings at the 2005 Annual Meeting.Medicare Drug Benefit Off to a Rocky Start in 2004; 2005 Could Be Contentious, Too.Research Funding Corner.

Clinical Practice,Health Policy,Education,Research,Careers PDF

Health Disparities/Vulnerable Populations

2012 Annual Meeting Handout Health Disparities/Vulnerable Populations

Clinical Practice,Research,Health Policy,Education,Careers PDF

May 2005 Forum PDF Version

May 2005 PDF Version. Language Access in Health Care: Statement of Principles.On Balance: Reflections on the Similarities Between Marriage and Computers in Health Care.President's Column: SWAN SONG.Research Funding Corner.VA Column: QUALITY ENHANCEMENT RESEARCH INITIATIVES: HEART FAILURE JOINS THE LIST.

Research,Careers,Clinical Practice,Education,Health Policy PDF
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Why Generalist Love Their Career in Education

Society of General internal Medicine (SGIM) members discussing why they enjoy their careers in an academic setting

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Time to Care: The End of the Rushed Primary Care Visit

Linzer, M., Poplau, S., Paranjape, A., Tu, S., Landry, M., Bitton, A., Babbott, S., Collins, T., Caudill, T., Plews-Ogan, M., Prasad, A., Adolphe, A., Kern, D., Aung, K., Bensching, K., Fairfield, K., Horowitz, K., Sinsky, C., Schwartz, M. (2015) Time to Care: The End of the Rushed Primary Care Visit.SGIM Forum 38(8): 1, 9.

Education,Clinical Practice,Research,Leadership PDF

Chronic Pain Strategic Alliances

2011 Annual Meeting Handout WD06 Chronic Pain Strategic Alliances Category:Clinical

Clinical Practice PDF
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