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Reproductive Health in Transitional Care

Burke, A., Donnelly, M. (2013)Reproductive Health in Transitional Care: Do Ask, Do Tell.SGIM Forum 36(4): 7, 15.

Health Policy,Clinical Practice PDF

Lessons learned from My Patient

Shah, P. (2013) Lessons Learned from My Patient. SGIM Forum: 36(8): 10. - See more at: /publications/sgim-forum/current-issue#sthash.elRaNr0Z.dpuf

Health Policy,Research,Careers,Education,Clinical Practice,Leadership PDF

April 2012 Forum- PDF Version

April 2012 - PDF Version

Health Policy,Research,Careers,Education,Clinical Practice PDF

The Importance of Advocacy

Horowitz, K. (2015) The Importance of Advocacy.SGIM Forum 38(5): 5.

Health Policy PDF

August 1996 Forum PDF version

August 1996 Forum PDF version.


December 2007 Forum PDF Version

December 2007PDF Version. ACGIM: Life is General Internal Medicine, in Miniature.Annual Meeting Preview: Everything You Wanted to Know About Writing a Research Abstract but Were Too Afraid (or Started Too Late) to Ask.President's Column: Learning by Doing.Human Medicine: Know the Right Thing! A Civilian's Perspective on Civilian and Military Medical Professionalism (first of two parts).Ask the Expert: In Conversation with Larry Smith.From the Regions: &doublequot;A Brain to Pick, An Ear to Listen, and a Push in the Right Direction&doublequot;: A Studentrsquo;s Perspective On Building A Mentoring Relationship.In Training: Where the Wild Things Are.Morning Report: 61-Year-Old Female with Deep Abdominal Pain.Policy Corner: VA Bucks Appropriations Trend with Large Budget Increases.VA Research Briefs: Successful Approaches to Increasing HIV Testing within VA.Funding Opportunities Showcase.

Health Policy,Research,Careers,Education,Clinical Practice PDF

Health Policy Curriculum Advisory Board

Long, T. (2015) Health Policy Curriculum Advisory Board to be Created at SGIM.SGIM Forum 38(5): 8.

Health Policy,Leadership PDF

Osteoporosis Screening and Treatment

2011 Annual Meeting Handout WF10 Osteoporosis Screening and Treatment Category: Clinical

Clinical Practice PDF

Quality of Care

2011 Annual Meeting Handout ASB3 Abstract Session B3: Quality of Care

Health Policy,Research,Careers,Education,Clinical Practice PDF

October 1999 Forum PDF Version

October 1999 Forum PDF Version.SGIM Announces Research Mentorship Program.Communications Committee Begins Work with UpToDate.President's Column.Annual Meeting Moves to Boston.Little Fish in Little Ponds.VA Leaders Depart.Research Funding Corner.

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