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Integrative Efforts in Screening, Diagnosis and Management

Rollman, N, Patel, S., Sims, M., Jindal, M. (2014) Integrative Efforts in Screening, Diagnosis, and Management of Depression in a Residents' Primary Care Clinic. SGIM Forum: 37(3): 8, 14. -

My First SGIM Meeting

Anwar, J. (2013) My First SGIM Meeting. SGIM Forum: 36(7): 4, 15. - See more at: /publications/sgim-forum/current-issue#sthash.e8864OPz.dpuf

Careers,Education,Research,Leadership,Clinical Practice,Health Policy PDF

Opening Plenary Session

2011 Annual Meeting Handout PS1 Opening Plenary Session

Research,Health Policy,Education,Clinical Practice,Careers PDF

Policy That Would Help Make Primary Care Primary

Selker, H. (2012) Policy That Would Help Make Primary Care Primary. SGIM Forum; 35(1): 3, 14

Careers,Health Policy,Research,Clinical Practice,Education PDF

July 2003 Forum PDF Version

July 2003 PDF Version. 2003 Annual Meeting : Generalist Physicians As Agents For Change: Vancouver 2003. AHRQ: Present, Past, And Future. President's Column : Lessons From Rose's Letters. 2003 Annual Meeting: Award Recipients. SGIM Honors Colleagues At 2003 Meeting. ACGIM Column. Striving To Be the Best. Research Funding Corner.

Health Policy,Clinical Practice,Education,Careers,Research PDF

The glass ceiling

Radhakrishnan, P. (2013) The Glass Ceiling. SGIM Forum: 36(10): 4.

Leadership,Careers PDF

June 2001 Forum PDF Version

June 2001PDF Version. Annual Awards Recognize Achievements of Members.SGIM Elect New Officers.President's Column.Presidential Address: More Than a Meeting and a Journal.Research Funding Corner.NIMH Seeks Grants on Co-Morbidity.Supreme Court Rejects Drug Testing Programs.

Research,Health Policy,Careers,Education,Clinical Practice PDF

Finding and Using Public Datasets

2010 Meeting Handouts WD11 Finding and Using Public Datasets Finding and Using Publicly Available Datasets for Secondary Data Analysis Research

Research PDF

February 2002 Forum PDF Version

February 2002PDF Version. 2002 Annual Meeting: A Preview.The Future is in the Past: Learning from the Professors.News from ACGIM.Three Books for Leaders.Transitions.Research Funding Corner.Colorectal Cancer Screening in Primary Care Practice.Campaign Update.

Clinical Practice,Health Policy,Research,Careers,Education PDF

March 2012 Forum - PDF Version

March 2012 - PDF Version

Careers,Education,Clinical Practice,Health Policy,Research PDF
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