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&doublequot;Pharm Free&doublequot; is the Way to Be (...There is No Such Thing as a &doublequot;Free Lunch&doublequot;)

Patel, P., Gee, J., Olden, K. (2012) &doublequot;Pharm Free&doublequot; is the Way to Be (...There is No Such Thing as a &doublequot;Free Lunch&doublequot;). SGIM Forum; 35(5): 4.

Education,Careers,Health Policy,Research,Clinical Practice PDF

Thank You Patricia

Radhakrishnan, P. (2012) Thank you, Patricia.SGIM Forum 35(12): 1, 6.

Health Policy PDF

The Young Adult With Special Healthcare Needs

Waite, E. (2013)The Young Adult with Special Health Care Needs and the Internist.SGIM Forum 36(4): 4, 10.

Education,Clinical Practice,Research,Health Policy PDF

Health Disparities/Vulnerable Populations

2012 Annual Meeting Handout Health Disparities/Vulnerable Populations

Clinical Practice,Research,Health Policy,Education,Careers PDF

Learn to Develop QI Curriculum

20101 Meeting Handouts WF07 Learn to Develop QI Curriculum

Clinical Practice PDF

Developing a Search Strategy

2010 Meeting Handouts WC11 Developing a Search Strategy Developing High-Quality Search Strategies for Systematic Reviews

Careers PDF

It's Hard to be a Patient

Fang, M. (2013)It's Hard to be a Patient, Especially as a Physician.SGIM Forum 36(5): 8.

Clinical Practice,Careers,Education PDF

The Week on Twitter

Singh, M. (2014) The Week on Twitter.SGIM Forum: 37(6): 9, 15.

Leadership,Clinical Practice,Health Policy,Research,Careers,Education PDF

Medical Education and More

2012 Annual Meeting Handout Abstract Session E3: Medical Education and More

Clinical Practice,Careers,Research,Education,Health Policy PDF

Health Care Reform 2013: What Is Different About the South

Moran, W., Mauldin, P., Caudill, T., Dennis, L., Litvin, C. (2013) Health Care Reform 2013: What is Different About the South? SGIM Forum: 36(8): 8, 14. - See more at: /publications/sgim-forum/current-issue#sthash.elRaNr0Z.dpuf

Careers,Health Policy PDF
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