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2016 Midwest Awards

Scientific Abstracts Oral Presentations

N. Laiteerapong1; Y. Gao1; H. H. Moffet2; J. Cooper1; S. Ham1; J. Liu2; E. S. Huang1; A. Karter2. 1. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL; 2. Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA

Clinical Vignette Oral Presentations

K. Irby; J. F. Shiffermiller; K. Foster. University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE

Innovations Oral Presentations

W. Fiordellisi; E. Kuperman; A. Wickersham; K. Johnson. University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, North Liberty, IA

Scientific Abstract Poster Presentations

1st - Measuring Level of Integration of an Early Stage Behavioral Health Program in an Academic Primary Care Clinic
M. Terras1; E. M. Staab1; P. Dave2; N. Beckman2; D. Yohanna2; L. Vinci1; N. Laiteerapong1. 1. University of Chicago,Chicago, IL; 2. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

2nd - Using comics to Understand Stress in Medical Students
T. C. Maatman; K. Fletcher. Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

3rd - Regional Variation in the Supply and Demand of Self-Care Resources: A Case Study from the South Side of Chicago
E. L. Tung1; J. A. Makelarski2; V. Escamilla2; E. S. Huang1; D. G. Beiser3; C. Chou1; L. Vinci1; S. T. Lindau4. 1.University of Chicago, Chicago, IL; 2. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL; 3. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL;4.University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

3rd - Assessing the Effectiveness of a Training Intervention on Community Health Center Staff’s Ability to Implement Diabetes Group Visits
I. Barouhas1; S. P. Hermans2; E. M. Staab3; A. Campbell4; L. Heuer5; M. Quinn3; A. A. Baig3. 1. University of Chicago,Chicago, IL; 2. American University, Washington, 3. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL; 4. MidWest Clinicians' Network,Lansing, MI; 5. North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND

Innovations Poster Presentations

1st - Facilitating Early Discharge with Interprofessional Team-Based Practice Enhances the Patient Experience and Improves Hospital Flow
E. L. Linson; E. Kuperman; K. Glenn. University of Iowa Health Care , Iowa City , IA

2nd - Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: A Formal Curriculum for Residents in Primary Care Clinic
A. Volerman; G. Weyer; L. Bradford; N. Genere; G. Sparks; J. L. Oyler. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

2nd - Bridging the Gap: Creating an Interdepartmental Quality and Safety Engagement Curriculum for Trainees
J. L. Oyler1; N. Schindler2; A. Patel3; M. E. Miller2; K. Hirsch4; V. M. Arora1. 1. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL;2.Northshore University Healthsystem, Evanston, IL; 3. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL; 4. University ofChicago, Chicago, IL

3rd - An Ambulatory Mental Health Curriculum for Internal Medicine Residents
M. D. Lyons1; M. Terras1; P. Dave2; J. L. Oyler1; A. Pincavage1; N. Laiteerapong1. 1. University of Chicago,Chicago, IL; 2. University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Clinical Vignette Poster Presentations

1st - The Importance of Doing All the Leg Work
A. Gampa; M. Gupta. Rush University Medical Center, Chicago , IL

2nd - Hyperammonemia in a Patient with Hereditary Distal Renal Tubular Acidosis
M. McGregor; F. Tenuto. Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL

3rd - Norco Induced Necrosis of Nasal Cavity: Complications of Prescription Narcotic Insufflation and Abuse
D. Sugar; D. Levine. Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

3rd - Barefoot on the Beach and Bloated: A Case of Strongyloides
J. Miely; E. Van Opstal; B. Costello; S. Javidiparsijani. Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL

Honorable Mention - A Case Report of Cerebral and Pulmonary Norcadia Beijingensis Infection in an Immunocompetent Patient
A Martial. St Francis Medical Center, Peoria, IL

Honorable Mention - Cognitive Error: A Real Pain in the Back
J. Jeffers; C. M. Moore; H. Nas; S. Matthews. Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI

Honorable Mention - Nocardial Brain Abscesses Mimicking Metastatic Lung Cancer in a Previously Healthy Individual
F. Nehme1; S. Pankow1; M. Assi2. 1. Kansas University School of Medicine - Wichita, Wichita, KS; 2. Infectious DiseaseConsultants, Wichita, KS

Leadership Awards

Award for Excellence in Clinician Education

Diane Levine, MD 
Wei Wei Lee, MD

Award for Excellence in Clinician Investigation

Needa Laiteerapong, MD

Award for Leadership

Tracie Collins, MD

Award for Advocacy & Community Service

Doriane Miller, MD

2016 Election Results

President - Elect

Chris Bruti, MD

Secretary/Treasurer- Elect

 Jason Alexander, MD

Membership- Elect

Maureen Lyons, MD

At Large Council Liaison

Shannon Boerner, MD

Associate Member

Theresa Maatman , MD