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2016-2017 Annual Report

As President of the Society of General Internal Medicine, I am pleased to present the Executive Summary of our 2016-2017 Annual Report.  The full report, presented in sections on this webpage, represents the many accomplishments of members, committees, staff and the Society as a whole during the 2016-2017 year.  Please use the links on this page to view the four in-depth reports on: 1) SGIM membership, 2) Regions, 3) Finances, and 4) the Journal of General Internal Medicine (JGIM).   We have also attached a list of the year’s many accomplishments by our members, staff, and leadership. 

I would like to highlight a few among the many accomplishments from the past year:

  • The Annual Program Committee will host the largest SGIM meeting in our history with more attendees and more total accepted submissions than ever before.  
  • In August, SGIM hosted the first formal meeting of the Primary Care Collaborative, a group of like-minded organizations seeking to better align their work and advocacy.  Based on an initial 18 months of work led by Marshall Chin, Ted Long, and Russ Phillips on behalf of SGIM, we gathered at  SGIM headquarters with leaders from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Pediatrics Association, the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, and the Graham Center to discuss how to strengthen and prioritize our work together.  We will be continuing these conversations with the Health Policy groups of our respective organizations, and we plan to work together in the area of resilience and wellness.
  • We have been very active within the health policy and advocacy sector this year.  In addition to starting a new year-long health policy leadership program, LEAHP, we have also increased our advocacy communications with a new bimonthly eNewsletter called “Health Policy News”, and we held a very successful Hill Day in March, which was perfectly timed as our visit preceded the intended vote on the AHCA by a week.   With the ongoing threats to patient access to affordable insurance, we have worked hard to be sure that SGIM’s priority of access to care is heard.
  • ACLGIM has had a very successful year with record-setting attendance at their annual December Summit meeting, and with the first formal WELL program.  WELL extends ACLGIM’s work with Mark Linzer on burnout measurement and prevention, and aims to train “wellness champions” whose goals are to improve work/life conditions at their home institutions.
  • SGIM has finished an 18-month-long process and has identified three outstanding new editors for JGIM, as well as a new editor for Forum. 
  • Our CaREER workgroup has completed an inventory of all of SGIM’s products, as well as a market feasibility study.
  • ProudToBeGIM has continued its great work to engage students in primary care careers, this year with an exciting new grants process. Many groups competed for access to funds to support ProudToBeGIM events around the country.
  • Council voted to engage a physician leader as the next Chief Executive Officer of SGIM.  Our hope is that the incoming CEO, who will work approximately 50% of their time with SGIM, will be a leader in academic general medicine and will be able to sustain our outward-facing advocacy and bridge-building efforts longitudinally.  We hope to announce the new CEO by July.

I would like to thank Kay Ovington for her outstanding service as Acting Executive Director during two different phases in the past year.  Kay has held the highest standards of professionalism and has managed expected and unexpected hurdles with grace and equanimity.  SGIM’s Council expresses their deep appreciation for her unending patience and commitment to SGIM’s goals.  SGIM’s national office staff has welcomed several new members and seen the retirement of longtime meetings director Sarajane Garten.  I’m also grateful for the dedication and passion of our wonderful staff members who have also weathered the year’s leadership changes with a calm, can-do-it attitude.

2017 brings many ongoing challenges in maintaining and advancing the gains that our patients and general internal medicine have made over the past decade.  SGIM will be meeting these challenges with a new physician Chief Executive Officer, who we hope will start by the summer of 2017.  Council voted to seek a part-time physician executive to enhance our longitudinal bridge building with like-minded societies, and to advance our advocacy efforts. 

We are all grateful that leading the organization during this time of transition is 2017-2018 President Tom Gallagher, MD.  The theme of the 2018 annual meeting will be in the area of health care information technology, and with this theme SGIM will be linking more closely with the American Medical Informatics Association both for the meeting itself and in efforts to engage our members collaboratively.  

The 2017 meeting is the 40th for our society, and heralds the beginning of our 40th Anniversary year.  We will be reflecting on our successes and advances during the year, and also on our next steps.  A fundraising campaign will aim to Turn Up The Volume on SGIM’s Voice, as we enter the coming years with much work to do to advance our missions.

My heartfelt thanks and my great admiration go to all the members and staff who have made such generous contributions of their expertise, time, and wisdom to SGIM over the past year.  It has been my privilege to work with you and to serve as 
SGIM President.     

---Eileen E. Reynolds, MD, 2016-2017 SGIM President​​



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