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Medical Humanities

Two Left Feet

Jorge Roman

September 23, 2016

So you tripped and fell on your hand?
I am here to help so tell me, where is the pain?
I think you may have torn a vein, or perhaps a nerve?

What do I know, I’m only a student,
I can only observe, 
I cannot offer you much,
But your cries are not in vain,
Is it okay for me to touch?
Maybe it’s a sprain?
Or perhaps a broken bone,

I need to ask you more questions if that’s okay,
I promise soon I’ll be out of your way,
Does it hurt when I do this? On a scale of one to ten?

Sorry to poke and prod but I can’t resist,
Let me try that again,
On second thought let me stop pretending,
I’ll go now and grab the attending.


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