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Medical Humanities

The Silent Voice of Innocence

Helen Shin

September 14, 2015

Shines innocence
In his blue eyes.
He laughs and claps,

He's only lived a year at most,
So he can't yet say much to me.

This mother, here -
She brought him in,
For it’s her child -
She loves him so!

But there had been
A time you see,
When it was hard
To hear him cry.

He wanted this;
He wanted that;
He wanted more;
But more of what?

She hadn't slept, and she could not
find love in any part of her.

At first when he
Was born, of course,
She loved him even
When he cried.

But after hours, days and weeks,
It ripped apart - her sanity!

He would not stop,
He did not know -
His mother, here,
Was growing cold.

And there it was,
A twist, a pull,
A shake and glare  -
Aimed right at him.

She looked at him
And stopped he did.
Said, "Finally,"
The woman there.

But moments passed,
And there he went -
Began again; she
Couldn't stand!

She screamed and shook
The child again,
While child inside
Yelled, "Help me now!"

Now here I am; I see your scans.
Oh, this must all have happened thus.

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