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Medical Humanities

Syringe to Stethoscope

Sadaf Qureshi

June 20, 2016

I admire your flexibility, your unabashed intimacy,
The tender seal you form against an unarmored chest.
All the heart’s secrets, to you alone, confessed.  
I envy your non-disposability; do excuse my jealousy.
You see, they say you were built to last a lifetime,
To bear dirt and grime; wipe you off and you’ll shine.
But me, I’m destined to be married to a needle, with ceremony.
Me, I was born to the border between heal and hurt.
I may pinch and I may prick, but I’m no flirt.
Let them say that my neck is much too small, too dainty.
But I know that if you throw your long arms around me,
You won’t strangle me, and I won’t struggle free.
I’ve heard you’re no man of monogamy; you escape exclusivity.
Still, I foresee, you won’t tire of me. Break tradition.
Because, please agree, love loves no conditions.

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