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Medical Humanities


David McArdle

July 13, 2016 

Man in the clinic
The bulging blood-filled berry in your brain
Disturbs us too
We can treat it…
Risk versus risk… it’s up to you

Man on the table
The bloody mantle which now clothes your brain
Disturbs us more…
You look aged but you’re younger than me
Are you really the man I met before? 

Man in the clinic
Knowing what I know, of what we do
Could I decide
Better than you?

Man on the table
You and I, we tossed the coin… we had to choose
The odds were fair, only 5% would stroke
But some who try must lose

Man in the street
Stay healthy, stay outside
Don’t have bad genes, don’t drink, don’t smoke
Eat well, avoid stress and strain
If you feel okay, avoid the choice
Don’t scan your brain 

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