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Medical Humanities

Feeling Unprepared

B. Allyn Behling-Rosa

welcome, just push hard on the door, careful the screen is ripped
I put my head through it the last time I came home when I lost my balance
well I did forget to use my cane when I went for the mail
and of course I forgot to put on my splint which didn't help

but all is well at home
no problems no questions no concerns
keeping on keeping on
trying to remember to do my stretches and exercises

didn't they tell you that I couldn't find a ride to therapy anymore
didn't they tell you I had to change my insurance
didn't they tell you I forgot who I was supposed to followup with
that's okay, I'm feeling fine, keeping on

no I didn't have my meal yet, the young lady hasn't stopped by
but I have some ramen noodles ready to boil, some sardines too
can I offer you some water or perhaps some toast and jam
don't worry, I've been watching my sugar by eating the same things

remember how I was having that pain down my shoulder and hand
well it stopped a while ago, but I stopped using that hand too
and because my balance is bad I stopped taking those stairs
it's much easier to lay down on the couch and bathe in the sink

oh, it's so good to see you after all this time
you know I wouldn't have done this well without all your help
are you sure I can't offer you a chair, let me move the boxes
you wouldn't mind moving a few for me anyhow over there?