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Medical Humanities

A Hollow Space

Sadaf Qureshi
November 11. 2016 


I am a hollow well,
Round within the ground.
Come to me when you are unwell.
Sink your sins here.
Drown yourself in my drought.
I will shrug my shoulders around you.

I am a hollow stairwell,
Quiet amidst the disquiet.
Sit your sorrows on my steps.
Push your pain into my rails
When you are de-railed.
I will hold your hands.

I am a hollow hospital stairwell,
Fluorescent light against the night.
Soak my sides in your sad song, and
I will sing your lullaby back to you,
Unwrap yourself here, and
I will wash your wounds in your tears.

Crouching here, you will
Tent the tips of your four fingers against my ground,
And seal your secrets under their shelter.
I will be your enclave,
Shield of the brave but the kneeled,
And all those left unhealed.

Bring your fear here,
Where I can be your sanctuary,
And you can offer your soundless plea.

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