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September 2011 Forum - PDF Version

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September 2011 - PDF Version.  Teaching How Not to Fumble the Hand Off  Making the Most of Ambulatory Precepting: Using the Microskills as a Guide. President's Column:  Advocacy: Now We Have a Book on That! Maximizing Impact: Using Media Coversage to Disseminate Yoru Research Getting Research Covered in Black, White and Color Strategic Planning for the Future of SGIM Midwest Regional Meeting 2011: "Embracing Changes in HealthCare Reform". Morning Report: A Young Woman with Low Back Pain The Patient Care Agenda. Professional/Personal Balance: Balancing Competing Professional Committments: Applying the "Black Shoe Phenomenon" to Professional Life. Policy Corner: Medicare Part D: The Results Are (Not) In. From the Editor: Mystery Shopper Program Axed: Why We Should Care.